Édith & Nous Use The Tezos Blockchain To Reinvent The Way Authors And Their Manuscripts Are Protected In Case Of Litigation

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

Édith & Nous the first website to connect authors and publishers, created in 2020, is revolutionizing copyright by automating the anchoring of manuscripts on the Tezos blockchain before their publication.

Édith & Nous

Édith & Nous, the first website connecting authors and publishers, created in 2020, trusts the Tezos blockchain to certify, secure, and protect the writings of its authors in case of litigation.

As a privileged partner of authors and ever more attentive to their concerns, Édith & Nous supports them further on the road to publication in the face of the risks of plagiarism accumulated by the volatility of the digital format.

With the Blockchain solution, Édith & Nous now offers, for the first time in the publishing industry, an automated and systematic protection of manuscripts.

The technology that makes up Tezos makes it an ideal tool for this innovation, by certifying manuscripts on the blockchain, thus creating the proof of precedence necessary for authors who wish to assert their rights in case of litigation.

For the two founders of Édith & Nous, Thomas Vivien and Valentin Vauchelles:

“We are the first to bring such protection to authors, to rid them of this essential concern. In the end, an author lives two great anxieties in his life, that of not being published and that of having his work “stolen”. We were already responding to the first one by putting the right author in touch with the right publisher, we are now responding to the second one “. 

Sébastien Massart, Delivery Director at Smartchain, added:

“We are happy to have contributed to this use case that will help democratize the use of blockchain in the cultural and creative field.”

Thibaut Chessé, Head of Adoption in France at Nomadic Labs remarked:

“We are delighted that Edith & Nous has seen for the first time the extraordinary potential of blockchain in the field of publishing as it is a technology that carries the promise of security by allowing any manuscript to be quickly and simply certified.”

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