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DNS.xyz: The multi-purpose, multi-chain platform for your NFTs is live and features a hub for your collected and created works, a sleek media player for audio and video NFTs, and custom playlists to feature your favorite pieces.

DNS are also working on new tools for the Tezos community such as the ‘Hyperminter’ batch NFT minter, which will be available soon.


DNS.xyz: The multi-purpose, multi-chain platform for your NFTs is live and features a hub for your collected and created works, a sleek media player for audio and video NFTs, and custom playlists to feature your favorite pieces.

The DNS platform enables anyone with a Tezos, Ethereum or Polygon wallet to have their own NFT space and personal profile, which pulls through NFTs created and collected on other platforms.

These profiles can be used to showcase art, music and overall NFT collections.

“Most web3 platforms feel like eBay: they highlight NFTs with the highest volumes, top 10 collections and recent mints. It’s really difficult to discover lesser known artists that way. DNS is curated to find the best that web3 has to offer, in a UI that feels as sleek and fun as Spotify and YouTube”

– Shokunin, founder at DNS.xyz

Artists can use DNS profiles to exhibit their created work, and collectors can use the platform to further curate, organize and highlight their collections across many NFT platforms into one uniformed space.

DNS.xyz supports all Tezos FA2 NFTs and can display NFTs from OBJKT, FX(hash), Versum, HicEtNunc/Teia, Rarible and more.

The team calls their approach “Tezos first”, but also supports Ethereum and Polygon NFTs such as OpenSea, Showtime and KnownOrigin.

Some of the first things you will notice when you enter the platform are the neat, structured and highly categorized UI and a distinct emphasis on music.

DNS makes use of the TezTok indexer and the team have been very impressed with its functionality. 

This platform is not just for music though, and users can also create curated art NFT galleries by using the playlist feature too.

Users of the platform have been quick to create their own playlists, becoming actual Web 3 curators.

Here below, Slyme a well-known music engineer in the blockchain-wide NFT space created a 42-track playlist called ‘Music Musts’.

You can listen to Slyme’s personalized curated collection here.

Any NFT can be curated into a playlist, this allows the user to browse their collected art, giving them the option to play their favorite tracks while doing so.

For music, think of Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, but for audio and with NFTs pulling through from many different platforms.

Think of setting up a decentralized music playlist, where you have purchased the NFTs, gave back directly to the artist (instead of to music labels) and can sell them in the future in various marketplaces. The artist gains royalties on future sales made directly into their wallet.

In fact, in the future DNS will also become its own marketplace where Web 3 NFT transactions can take place in a familiar Web 2 feeling environment aiding onboarding for mainstream users.

One key difference with DNS in comparison to other Web 3 platforms is that the music experience is seamless.

With many other Web 3 platforms, users must play the music on the same page as the NFT, with DNS users can freely browse DNS and the web with many different songs in the playlist or queue still streaming via the player. 

This player is placed discreetly at the bottom of the page and can be maximized as is standard with many well-known music platforms. 

Music Curation

It could be fair to say that visual art peaked on blockchain before audio art, and this makes it hard to know where to look when it comes to music NFTs.

This is not the case with DNS, as the platform’s own curators help you to source the best decentralized music on Web 3.

Just like Web 2 music platforms, DNS looks to aid the user-experience by filtering to ensure quality music can be found easily.

Categorization sections such as ‘Tracks We Love’, ‘Recommended Musicians’, ‘Most Liked Tracks’, ‘Latest Music Releases’, and ‘Playlists By DNS Curators’ help with this. 

DNS is an open-platform and they currently have 4 curators, but are actively seeking more from the community.

The DNS platform home page is completely customizable and will likely be switched up to include big NFT events (think 1of1 and Objkt4Objkt.

How The DNS Team Work

The DNS team work in a very community orientated and driven way. Most of this activity happens on their Discord channel here.

Often, members of the community who are not even part of the core team join the calls and they are always welcome to in the future.

Community members help to drive and test new features, as well as being kept informed as to what is coming next.

Below, you can see a screenshot of a DNS development call in action:

Upcoming Features And Tools

The DNS team is presently working on a batch minter for Tezos NFTs called the ‘Hyperminter’. The batch minter will allow users to mint in batches to collections on Objkt.com, with more platforms to come.

In a big speed optimization step, DNS plan to download and archive over 50,000,000 NFTs in order to make the DNS platform profiles and content load even faster.

In addition to this the queue functionality is currently being upgraded by the team to be compatible with auto-suggests, just like with Spotify.

As the platform grows new playlist features will be included, such as the introduction of a ‘Most Played Playlists’ section, further helping users to find the best music and art on Web 3 and helping to sort quality by mixing algorithmic data with dedicated objective human curation.

As already mentioned in the article, DNS plans to become its own marketplace.

This will enable Web 3 transactions of music and art minted to any Tezos platform, aiding the friction for users who presently have to scour many different platforms to find the best decentralized music.

Much later down the line a full mobile-compatible application is planned, so that users will be able to stream from their cell phone or desktop environments, aiding interaction with devices such as bluetooth music players, wireless headphones and car radios.

How To Interact With DNS

Visit DNS and sync your chosen wallet, pulling through your NFTs.

Edit your profile, and add/move content to create your own unique Web 3 space for art and audio.

Browse the DNS platform to find the best content, listen to great Web 3 music and make use of the curated sections to find the highest quality.

Start interacting with the features present such as playlists and bring through your favorite art and music into one dedicated, easy to find space.

Create your very own full Web 3 music public playlist, full of your favorite NFT music producers to enjoy at your leisure and for others to enjoy your personal curation.

If you like the content, support the artists by buying their music and owning your very own early, fractionalized NFT piece of that content forever.

Join the Discord channel, get involved with the community, join the development meets and to test our new upcoming features such as the Hyperminter batch NFT minting tool.

Have a stake in development, by proposing new features, or ‘things you would like to see’.

Get in touch with the team to become a curator on the platform.

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