CryptoCodeSchool V2 Has Launched Including NFTs For Its CryptoBots And An NFT Marketplace

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In the newest version of Cryptocodeschool, you will be able to claim free 3D CryptoBots as an NFT. After that, the NFT’s can be traded on a marketplace.

The most important thing: ANYONE can complete the course.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are simple agreements written in code, which are stored on the blockchain. It may not sound like a big deal until you focus on the part where you don’t need to rely on any trusted third party to manage and maintain this system.

All the big banks in the world are now equivalent to a software protocol. That’s game-changing.” – Cryptocodeschool

Cryptocodeschool is an interactive game where you can write your first smart contract on Tezos. It is a fun and beginner-friendly coding course, which gradually takes you to more advanced levels of coding.

Due to convenient hints during the game and with some help from the “show answer” function, users never get stuck and anyone can fulfill The course.

If you already have experience with coding, this is a great introduction in writing Tezos smart contracts. However, even if you never wrote a single line of code and never took a look under the hood of what makes dApps function, this is a great way to get a glimpse of what smart contracts look like.

3D NFT Cryptobots

In the newest version of Cryptocodeschool, you will be able to claim free 3D Cryptobots as an NFT.

You can even customize your Cryptobot. These NFT’s can be claimed after every module that the user completes. The Cryptobot NFT’s can also be customized by the user. After that, the NFT’s can be traded on a marketplace.

Additional V2 modules

In V2, CryptoCodeSchool has expanded the course to cover the whole lifecycle of a tezos blockchain developer. From covering topics like, inter-contract calling, FA2 Tokens, to even Taquito.

How does it work

First, you read the introduction to the subject of the module. After you get through that, you get to perform a task, in the sense that you will have to write some code. If you wrote your answer, you press the “Check” button and if you made a mistake, you will get this message:

If you can’t figure out what your mistake is, you just click the “Show answer” button. The red line shows you the correct answer, and in the green line is highlighted what your mistake is:

After you corrected your answer, the red line is gone, and you can continue. If your not sure what you’ve done wrong, make sure you used the correct indentation:


You can start the course here. It’s free and without registration. Click and you’re ready to go.

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