10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Introducing ORB: Revolutionizing the Web3 Gaming Experience

Developed on the Tezos blockchain, ORB is a groundbreaking platform and marketplace, catered to game developers wanting to experience everything that Web3 can offer to their projects, that is set to shape the Web3 gaming experience for them and players alike.


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The intersection of blockchain technology and gaming is about to witness an exciting transformation with the introduction of ORB.

Developed on the Tezos blockchain, ORB is a groundbreaking platform and marketplace, catered to game developers wanting to experience everything that Web3 can offer to their projects, that is set to shape the Web3 gaming experience for them and players alike.

Not to be mistaken with anything alike, ORB is an entire ecosystem built for game developers. The ORB ecosystem consists of the following elements: the ORB3 Platform and Marketplace, the ORB3 API, the UnityORB SDK and the Governance Platform.

Each element of ORB was built in order to offer an all-in-one solution for game developers who wish to integrate Web3 features to their projects, while leveraging the power of Tezos.

A game developer is able to use the ORB3 Platform and Marketplace, to create their project, collection and NFTs in no time, allow their players to easily find, own, trade and sell NFTs from their game and take part in the Governance of the platform.

Meanwhile the ORB3 API and the UnityORB SDK allows the game development team to add any Web3 feature they want seamlessly to their project. From dynamically creating NFTs, to trading and selling NFTs all from within their game.

“The ORB3 platform can host any game that uses Tezos, even if they do not choose to use our SDK. However, for the Web2 game developers looking to venture into Web3, we offer a suite of tools to help them.

Our assistance starts with Unity, and more specifically unityorb.com, where we’ll provide two versions of our SDK— a “simple” and “advanced” version. The “simple” SDK is demonstrated in this video by our CTO:”

“This version is designed for developers that are unfamiliar with smart contracts and other Web3 features. It allows them to rapidly implement features by reusing code snippets from our demo in their game.

While not intended for production use, this version provides developers with a fast way to test and explore the extensive possibilities that Web3 can offer to their projects.

The “advanced” version of our SDK, already in use by The Six Dragons, is a client/server solution that offers enhanced security, scalability and more development options for developers. You can see it in action here:” 

Central to the ORB platform is the ORB utility token, which serves as the governance token driving the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Holding ORB tokens unlocks a range of compelling features and benefits.

ORB token holders have the right to vote on important platform decisions, shaping the future of ORB and influencing the direction of development.

This decentralized governance model ensures that the community’s voice is heard and strengthens the platform’s democratic nature, while maintaining the integrity of decentralization.

It is also important to mention that owners of ORB infused NFTs also have voting rights. ORB allows game developers to infuse their NFTs with ORB tokens, if they wish to, meaning that if you hold an NFT that is infused with ORB tokens, you will also be able to participate in the Governance of the platform.

“Whether creating an NFT through the frontend or in runtime using our API, developers can optionally choose to infuse the NFT with a chosen amount of ORB Tokens. This process holds several merits for players, developers, and the platform.

Firstly, if a game developer decides to discontinue a game or asset, players can burn the NFTs and receive all the infused ORB Tokens. Secondly, we plan to incorporate a Governance platform, critical for ORB3’s future.

Allowing people who own ORB infused NFTs to participate in the voting process means that players themselves have a say in decision-making, not just the ORB token holders and game developers.”

Collaboration among game developers, projects, and artists is easily feasible in ORB, as the ORB3 Platform allows them to merge their creative visions and seamlessly integrate assets across multiple games and projects.

How? Well, games that are part of the ORB3 Platform will be able to collaborate with any other Game, Artist, or PFP project that is also part of ORB.

This will add utility to their assets, and will also introduce extra perks in-game, all of which will be decided by the game developers.

So if you are an NFT owner of various PFP projects on Tezos, stay on the lookout for future collaborations they will be doing with your favorite games.

“Game developers will be provided with their own Development portal through orb3.io to manage all of their assets and their teams. Additionally, our API allows developers to make changes in real time, significantly enhancing their game experience.

The Six Dragons, for instance, employs real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting with dynamic stats. This process allows the creation of an item with a range of random stats in real-time, following which the NFT is created and the metadata is attached immediately.

Even the name of the crafter, the player’s name, is included in the metadata, allowing others to recognize the exceptional blacksmith who crafted a particular weapon and potentially request their services in-game.”

ORB takes a conscientious approach to environmental sustainability. Unlike other blockchain platforms, where carbon emissions can be a concern, ORB is built on the Tezos blockchain, which leverages a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

This energy-efficient design ensures that NFT creation and transactions on ORB have minimal environmental impact. It is very important to ensure the game developers who wish to adopt Web3 features and embark on the future of Web3 gaming, do it in an environmentally conscious way. 

“Our goal is to become the leading Web3 gaming platform in the industry within the next  two years. Therefore, we are open to potential opportunities such as bridges.

However, our current research suggests that Tezos is the only Layer 1 solution capable of realizing our vision without compromising the fundamentals of decentralization and Web3, which is important for us.”

With ORB, game developers have full control over their NFT assets. They can easily create and manage their unique collections of NFTs through the user-friendly ORB3 platform.

From listing assets for auctions to tracking ownership and associated metadata, developers have the flexibility to customize and optimize their asset management process.

They will also have access to extra features, such as their own Game profile, which will list important information about their game and will serve as the main hub for their player base to search information about their collection of NFTs, their recent collaborations and market activity.

“Any game that incorporates NFTs on Tezos can participate in the ORB3 Marketplace/Platform. However, to facilitate the transition of Web2 game developers to Web3, we aim to provide them with the necessary tools to make the transition as seamlessly as possible.

Unity-based mobile games will be supported from day one, as our UnityORB SDK is compatible with any platforms that Unity supports. In the future, we plan to develop SDKs for other major engines — in fact, we have already registered the unrealorb.com domain!”

Since ORB was created by game developers, for game developers, it was of paramount importance to address current issues that game developers face when trying to enter Web3 gaming. One of which is the limitation of the revenue stream for big publishers.

Traditionally, big publishing and gaming studios rely on selling digital assets of their titles online, which can be one of their main revenue streams. With the introduction of NFTs this may limit or completely block that revenue stream for them. ORB’s introduction of the Publisher’s Fee completely solves this issue.

Assets created on the ORB3 Platform can include the Publisher’s Fee, which will be set upon the creation of the token, making it immutable, and distributed upon selling of the token. This means publishers can still maintain this revenue stream while moving into the new era of Web3 gaming.

“The concept of the Publisher’s Fee is a straightforward solution to a significant challenge major Publishers face when thinking of starting accepting Web3 games, an issue they have previously directly communicated to us.

In a manner similar to other NFT marketplaces, which levy royalties as a percentage fee paid to the NFT’s creator or artist upon every sale, we have introduced an additional fee— the Publisher’s Fee.

This optional fee is imposed at the time of the NFT creation, allowing developers to include the wallet of their publisher, to which this fee will be distributed later on. Similar to the microtransaction process in Web2, the publisher receives this fee after each sale.

This approach allows publishers to strike deals with Web3 games, the same way they would with Web2 games. Game developers can rest assured that this fee is finalized upon the creation of the asset and will not change, since it is instilled in the smart contract of the asset.”

As the ORB platform prepares for its upcoming milestones, including the private launch of the ORB3 Platform & Marketplace on Tezos Testnet, as well as the subsequent public release, the gaming industry should keep a close eye on all the latest updates which will be coming out from their early adopters.

An example is the blockchain game The Six Dragons, which is already releasing information about their integration of ORB.

“The integration of ORB into The Six Dragons game is integral to our projects. With its complex blockchain integration, The Six Dragons is a perfect testing ground for our platform. When we know for a fact that The Six Dragons operates seamlessly using the ORB3 platform, we will surely be ready for public release.

The game introduces several intricate systems, including real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting as well as Off-chain to Blockchain conversions in real time. Players can even become blacksmiths, crafting unique weapons for a fee of their choice when they find a rare recipe.

The player base can then access these crafting services in-game by paying Blacksmiths their fee, facilitating a new layer of player interaction and increasing the in-game market activity.”

By leveraging the power of ORB and the Tezos blockchain, developers can unlock a new realm of possibilities, while players can immerse themselves in a truly decentralized and interconnected gaming experience.

“We firmly believe that Web3 gaming is the future of the gaming industry. Recognizing the challenges indie game developers may face when integrating Web3 features into their games, we aim to eliminate these barriers and facilitate a smooth transition.

Once they experience Web3, we’re confident they won’t want to go back. To further support developers, we plan to set up a Game Developer’s ORB token fund.

This fund will provide the first game developers that join our platform with ORB tokens to infuse into their NFTs helping them attract more players to their games.”

ORB represents more than just a gaming platform. It embodies a vision of creativity, collaboration, and community in the Web3 gaming space.

As the boundaries of Web3 gaming are pushed further, ORB paves the way for a vibrant ecosystem that unites game developers, players, and the entire community. 


Not Financial Advice: No content on this website constitutes investment, financial, legal, or tax advice. Users should not construe any such information as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security or to pursue any particular investment strategy.

Read our full disclaimer here.

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