Real-Time Strategy Game Tezotopia Starts The Presale For NFT Land

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Real-time strategy game Tezotopia starts the presale for NFT land. The presale of Tezotopia land blocks has started and will continue until 301 of the first blocks are sold.

Tezotopia Land

Tezotopia is a Tezos-based Real Time Strategy (RTS) gaming platform that allows players to acquire land, items and resource utilities.

Everything in the game, including the blocks of land, are registered on the Tezos blockchain as NFTs. Read the first article on Tezotopia here.

Tldr; The presale of Tezotopia land blocks has started and will continue until 301 of the first blocks are sold. Tezotopia isn’t just your average Real Time Strategy (RTS) game.

Tezotopia combines RTS gaming with two extremely profitable area’s in cryptocurrency: NFT collectables and yield farming. And it’s not just basic yield farming.

You will be able to create your own mix of variables that fine-tune your yield leverage and and advanced position in both the game and your yield farming level.

Currently blocks of land are sold through daily presale rounds that sell out fast. These NFT’s already generate yield in the form of minerals, energy and currency.

Once the game is live, this can be traded or used to create new items or to upgrade the yielding levels of the blocks.

Tezotopia Presale

Currently, the game is not live yet, but the land presales have started. The land is sold in the form of blocks that are called Tezotops. The first block that was minted is the “Genesis block” which spawned as the center of Tezotopia. Around genesis block, 300 other blocks will spawn.

Every day a few blocks are minted, revealed, and listed on Kalamint. These blocks are then put up for sale at a pre-announced time. After the first round sold out within a few hours, every subsequent round is sold out in minutes (with the exception of 1 auction round which lasted for the pre-set timeframe of 24 hours).

Prices of the first 8 blocks that were sold in the first round ranged between 900 XTZ and 500 XTZ. From there, blocks that are located further away from genesis block are less valuable.

Eventually, blocks further out the center will be valued between 50 XTZ – 10 XTZ. You can check out the blocks that are minted so far on this map explorer.

You might wonder why these amounts of XTZ are spent on Tezotops before we have seen any gameplay? To answer that question, we’re going to have to take a closer look at how Tezotops generate value in Tezotopia. The reason lies in the fact that this isn’t just your average Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game.

Tezotops combines RTS games with two extremely profitable areas in cryptocurrency: NFT collectibles and yield farming. And it’s not just basic yield farming, you will be able to create your own mix of variables that fine-tune your yield leverage and advanced position in both the game and your yield farming level.


All items in the game are Tezos-based NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). These are tokens that represent a unique item like art or items in a game. By owning the NFT, you own the item.

Even though the game is not live yet, you can already buy Tezotopia items on Kalamint. Before the land presale, several characters were sold. Both the characters and the land blocks are NFT collectibles that will also entitle you to the items they portray.

These are all limited editions. Early bought collectibles have already been sold for a multiple of their initial value. And when the game goes live and becomes a success, the resale value of these things could be substantial.

Especially if you consider the fact that these NFT’s have an actual use-case in the game. And the land blocks even allow you to farm valuable resources.

And early adopters of the game will receive the highly scarce native token of the game called Unobtanium depending on which NFT’s they own.

Early Unobtanium distribution will go as follows:
– 6 Unobtanium per collectible held.
– 33 Unobtanium for holding the single edition Unobtanium collectible.
– 15 Unobtanium for first 100 Tezotops held.
– 3 Unobtanium per Mercenary held. (this event is yet to be announced)

Yield farming

Yield farming simply means that you hold a certain item/ token, that generates other items or tokens per time frame. We’ve seen a fast-developing yield farming ecosystem that is being built on Tezos DeFi which has been quite profitable for a lot of people so far.

However, sometimes the utility of the tokens in certain yield farm projects are yet to be determined. Tokens need a use-case besides yield farming. The stronger the use-case, the stronger the value of the farmed asset.

In Tezotopia, you farm minerals, energy and unobtanium. All these resources play a crucial roll in the game. Each block of land has specific yield farming statistics.

All blocks produce all three resources at a basic rate. But the icons on the left and right top of the NFT show which items are farmed at a higher speed through resource multipliers.

Mineral Production

Tezotops that are bought now, already start to produce minerals as soon as they are purchased. “I want to backlog production, so when the game launches you’ll have exactly or close to what you should have had.”

The minerals can be used to create machinery, units, buildings, power plants, mines, reactors, other items and even new Tezotops. More information on this topic will be released soon with the Tezotopia Building & Unit Guide.

More info about the rate at which these resources are being produced can be found here.


Resources will be represented as tokens in your Tezos wallet. Unobtanium is like the currency of Tezotopia. Unobtanium (UNO) will be listed on Quipuswap by the Tezotopia team and liquidity will be added by the team as well.

15% of all in-game sales will go toward liquidity (this includes NFT artifact sales, speeding up building production purchases, mercenary unit sales, and Tezotop sales).

The other two recourses will not be added on Quipuswap by the team, but can be added by players if someone steps up. Although they represent energy and minerals in the game, they are tokens in you wallet and can be traded.

Unobtanium is like the oil or gold of Tezotopia. “Players with Unobtanium stores will become world makers.”

Unobtanium Tokenomics

Initial circulating supply: 3,333 UNO
Max supply: 333,333 UNO

For more info on the Tezotops presale, follow @gifdotgames on Twitter, or join the Tezotopia Telegram channel.

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