TezDev: Connect, Share Ideas, Promote Your Projects, Join Workshops And Get Motivated

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The 3-day TezDev event will take place in Paris from July 21st – 23rd.

The event will include speaking sessions, live panels, interactive workshops, and networking.


“Develop the future of Web3 on Tezos. Join us at TezDev Paris and see how creators, developers, and innovators are building the Tezos ecosystem. TezDev Paris is a hub where ideas flow freely, connecting a community of Tezos blockchain enthusiasts.

Register today to join us for deep-dive workshops and conversations with leaders from across the ecosystem.”

Arthur Breitman, early architech of Tezos, kicks off TezDev with a keynote speech addressing “Why you should build on Tezos“.

After opening the event, attendees can enjoy a packed program.

They can connect with developers and creative minds through networking events and share ideas.

They can promote their projects at one of the stations in the TezDev networking space, join workshops and above all: get motivated to expand on building on the modular, flexible, and energy-efficient Tezos blockchain.

The 3-day event will take place in from July 21st – July 23rd at La Fabrique Événementielle in Paris.

Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tezdev-paris-2022-developer-conference-web3-blockchain-tickets-348081309567 

All speaking sessions and workshops will be given in English.

Early-bird tickets have sold out, however there are still regular admission tickets available for $25 each.

Students can gain free entry by using the ‘STUDENTZ’ promo code, however they must register using a valid student email address and provide a valid student ID upon event check-in at entrance.

Attendees visiting can receive 5% off their hotel stays on Travala.com using promo code: PARISINJULY

Program topics include:

– Scaling Tezos with rollups

– Building an NFT marketplace on Tezos

– Upgrade mindset: Dapp design

– Live coding sessions

– Hello world: Your dapp on Tezos

– The toolbox: Key tools in the Tezos ecosystem

– Leveraging Octez

– Taqueria: A new way to build on Tezos

– Build with a parametric sidechain

– LIGO templates

– Checker: A robocoin system on Tezos

– Kanvas: an NFT marketplace on Tezos

– Entrepreneur Roundtable: What to look for in a startup (Panel)

– Building the next breakout dapp

– Tezos: Built to last (Panel)

– Loads of networking opportunities

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