10 August 2023

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Tezos Degen Club – A Decentralized Gaming Hub For ‘Degens’ On Tezos

Tezos Degen Club is a decentralized casino-type gaming hub for ‘Degens’ on Tezos. It features games such as decentralized coin flip, dice, raffles, token battles, and more.

There is a utility PFP project also integrated called ‘Degen Foxes’, which can be staked to gain rewards.

It has some unique developments to come including ‘NFT Battles’, a first of its kind.

In this article, XTZ News catches up with the team to find out more.


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Tezos Degen Club

Tezos Degen Club is a decentralized casino-type gaming hub for ‘Degens’ on Tezos.

‘Degens’ can sometimes be used as a fun meme-type term to describe people with an interest in decentralized DeFi and gaming applications within the blockchain world.

It features games such as decentralized coin flip, dice, and raffles.

There is also a utility PFP project also integrated called ‘Degen Foxes’, which can be staked to gain rewards. 

Tezos Degen Club has been live on Tezos since early 2021, after the team started exploring the blockchain in November 2020.

It has some unique developments to come including ‘NFT Battles’, a first of its kind.

Could you please introduce the the project Tezos Degen Club?

Tezos Degen Club was meant to be a central place for degens to play fun little games with multiple options to double their stakes , sometimes even more.

Could you introduce the team, how many are on the team and where are the team based? Backgrounds? etc.

We are a small team of three members , 2 developers and one to look after strategy, planning and implementation.
2 of us have CS background and the other guy was a major in business administration.

Our team is new to Tezos , we started exploring Tezos in November , 2021 and it took us a couple of months to understand the tech and community and for internal testing of our first game (CoinFlip).

We want to be anon as there is not much regulation in the space and we prefer it that way so that TDC won’t be affected in case of strict regulations.

Which project did you start building first, how did that idea come about?

TDC was our first project, before that we are spending our time mostly on ETH projects, testing them and using them for fun.

One of our team member is a big fan of casinos and he have a lot of complains about casinos being not transparent and how blockchain can solve that issue, one thing led to another and TDC was born with one goal in mind, keep it simple and transparent.

Could you explain the ideas behind each game, coinflip, raffles, battles and dice and why you think blockchain is needed/better for these?

CoinFlip is based on simply flipping a coin, double or nothing. The catch here is you need a pot to keep the games running.

Sustaining the pot while the payouts from fee goes to TDC NFT holders is a tricky job.

So we added a limitation of sharing fee from flips only if pot wins a flip. This way pot will sustain with time and more game plays and it did.

We never rushed to fill the pot, we let it grew organically and it did like we thought as more people started playing the game.

After CoinFlip game was successful , we have received feedback from TDC community , main one being a need for bigger bets.

This led to the creation of Degen Battles, one of the most successful aspect of TezosDegenClub.

With DegenBattles, the limits to bets are raised to 25000 Tezos in a single battle and our biggest battle is 4001 Tez vs 4001 Tez.

What technology was used to create the project? What language were the smart contracts written in etc?

All our contracts are written in Michelson language.

Why was Tezos chosen for this project?

When we started looking at different blockchains to build a transparent casino club, only Solana looked a bit promising, but it’s over saturated and chain getting halted a lot.

Our next preference is Tezos as the contracts are much sophisticated (we learned this in the process) and we liked the on chain upgrades without the need of a fork, community seems cool and there is lot of untapped potential in Tezos.

When we launched TDC, the block times are 30 sec and we assured our selves that in a couple upgrades the times will go down which makes it more fun to play, all the while with secure contracts without any worry.

The documentation and wallets on Tezos are user friendly making no room for malicious contracts, which was another favourite thing about Tezos.

Apart from all of the above points , we want to build an ecosystem which is sustainable and reliable in the long term.

Are you working with any other Tezos teams?
We are in talks with couple of projects right now and if everything goes well, we can assume more fun is coming to TDC.

Why did you create an NFT project (Degen Foxes) alongside it? Do the NFTs interact with the gaming platform, integrations for the future?

With TDC, the biggest challenge is not having a face to flex for our TDC community and having a PFP project will help in expanding the community and helps in better representation at various places.

We made no promises initially for DegenFoxes holders and simply did the sale, but we had plans to reward the holders from the beginning and we kept it as a secret.

We made DegenMessenger and gave an exclusive access to DegenFoxes for a month and the only collection to have their PFP represented in the messages.

Along with this, DegenFoxes holders will get a share of revenue from TokenFlips, which is similar to CoinFlip, but here different Tezos tokens are used.

This will help in broader adoption of Tezos DeFi by introducing tokens to our players.

Are there any tutorials for using the game?

Most games are self explanatory and we have a dedicated Discord server to clear out any doubts for players.

What marketing activities will you be engaging with?

We stick to Tezos ethos of organic growth.

So far, we did collabs with many Tezos projects , other than that we haven’t used any kind of paid influencers or promotions.

We believe in our product and we are committed to long term growth.

Are dice, coinflips and raffles random chance? Or can you influence your chances somehow?
Every game on our platform is random chance via oracles.

When we launched CoinFlip , We demonstrated the problems with on chain randomization (can be exploited) and we moved on to our own oracles where no one can exploit the results, even the team itself.

What actually happens in Tezos Battles?
Two people enter into a battle.

First player initiates the battle by locking certain amount of tez in the smart contract and once second player accepts the battle , both players tez is locked in the smart contract and after couple of blocks, oracle will decide whether P1 or P2 wins .

After deducting the 5% fee (which will be sent to Holders rewards contract). Winner will get 95% of the total match reward.

Could you do this system on any other chain? i.e. would this be feasible on Ethereum?
Yes, this can be done on ETH, but not worth it as the TPS and Gas costs will ruin player experience.

On Ethereum would you be able to be front-run by block re-orgs?
On ETH front running is possible, but we can prevent front running using our oracles, but running oracles on ETH are too expensive which make ETH a bad choice for these kind of games.

On Tezos because of the way our oracles work, you can’t front run or manipulate results.

For example, you play a game in current block, but result for that game will be declared after couple of blocks so there is no way to front run, or alter results.

What is the NFT messenger and why did you create it? What could it be used for?

DegenMessenger is the first on chain messenger on Tezos.

It will allow users to send text messages as NFTs.

Currently, limited collections have access to DegenMessenger and we are planning to increase the access to every collection that reach out to us so that it can be used across Tezos.

We have created it as a surprise to DegenFoxes holders after the sale.

One can use the messenger feature for anything related to communication. Some use cases from top of my head include: negotiating NFT sales, bakers communicating with delegators and vice versa, Artists to communicate their collectors.

The premise being people might miss announcements on Twitter, Discord etc, but they will always check their wallets, so the message won’t be missed and it’s truly on chain, so there is no privacy and everyone can read that message.

What are Degen Raffles and how do they work ?
Degen Raffles are created keeping small artists in mind to support them by giving them exposure from TezosDegenClub and our collab partners.

People buy an art work and each edition is considered as 1 entry into a raffle and there are three winners once the sale is over.

40% of total sales will go to first winner
20% of sales will go to second winner
10% of sales will go to third winner
10% of sales will go to artist .
10% of sales will go to TDC team
10 % of sales will go to TDC holders

Since this will enable the art getting into multiple people wallets with a gamification feature of sweepstakes and will help the artist to be known to many people.

How do the betting games ensure fairness?
Our oracles are fool proof and you can check the results on https://degenstats.com for heads , tails and a ton of other stats to see no one have any advantage over others.

Will the team be looking to make use of the ‘Tickets’ layer 2 technology on Tezos?

Yes , we are going to use tickets feature and will use features of roll ups.

Is the membership card connected to any NFTs?

TDC member ship cards are connected with https://objkt.com/collection/tezosdegenclub and the holders will get platform fee share from Tezos Degen Club.

How do users get a share of the rewards in the platform?

TDC platform fee is 5 % on all games . For CoinFlip and TokenFlip fee is 5% but only when pot is winning, when pot is lost, no rewards will be shared to holders as this is not sustainable for the pot to be able to allow future plays.

https://objkt.com/collection/tezosdegenclub holders will get shares in Tezos.

https://objkt.com/collection/degen_foxes holders will get shares in various tezos tokens (DOGA , MCH , UNO ,MIN etc).

Will you be creating a DAO? Token of any kind? Any need for one? Stick to using tez?

We are not planning to create a DAO or a token for now as we don’t see any need for creating one.

We are sticking to use Tezos and some DeFi tokens in TokenFlips.

In the pipeline you have a number of projects coming up i.e. token implementation, token battles, NFT battles etc – are these still on track? Any updates on potential launch dates?

We have implemented TokenFlips already and Working on TokenBattles and NFT battles.

We don’t want to promise any launch dates as there is always a chance of delays while shipping a product.

How would an NFT battle work in theory? i.e. Ottez vs Tezzards? Will it use any trait systems or will it be random like dice/coin flips?

It’s collection vs collection . Use any NFT from Ottez collection to fight with any NFT from tezzardz.

Trait systems will complicate a lot of things and adding stats like a traditonal card games will be unfair as it keeps low stats NFT owner from same collection at a disadvantage.

Anything in the future we should keep our eye on?

Tezos Degen Club is working on adding a NFT launchpad feature to our site where we offer Dev support in setting up minting website, smart contracts for people who are looking to launch their own NFT collection.

What’s the best way for people to interact with the projects?

Always start with checking the product, if you have any questions reach out to project socials, talk with project founders before buying anything and always remember to not to FOMO. Stick to projects that have a good track record.

For project founders, listen to your community and never blame or shame people by calling them paper hands etc , if people are leaving your project that means they are not convinced by your vision, you need to communicate with your community better and most of the times we don’t know what’s going on inside the mind of a seller , they might need urgent liquidity etc.

Don’t shame anyone or allow such behaviour in your chats. Keep the vibe positive and cool.

Any final thoughts you would like to add?

Tezos Degen Club is here to stay. Our motive is to under promise and over deliver.

We are open to collabs from fellow Tezos projects and supporting other projects who puts effort in building their community.

Join our Discord server for latest updates: https://discord.com/invite/UsjbsCRKGx
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TezosDegenClub
Play our degen games: https://www.tezosdegenclub.com/

TDC Contracts and Oracles

XTZ Coinflip Contract:

XTZ DegenBattles Contract:
XTZ DegenDice Contract:
XTZ DegenRaffles Contract:
 XTZ DegenMessenger Contract:
TDC NFT Holders Rewards Contract:
TokenFlip Contract:  



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