Taurus Platform Extended To Support Any Tezos Smart Contract

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Taurus has fully integrated the support of any Tezos’ smart contracts (FA1.2 and FA2.0 standards) allowing banks and issuers to issue, book, and service any tokenized asset on the Tezos blockchain. In a fully automated way. Taurus is the only technology provider in the world able to do so.


Taurus SA was founded in April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, specialising in digital assets and blockchain. Taurus was founded by senior executives with a background in banking, regulatory, IT, and cyber security.

Taurus delivers its clients the infrastructure to manage ANY digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets, and digital currencies, with one unified platform. It is a leader in Europe and Switzerland.

Taurus solutions are in production and entrusted with the full spectrum of banks: systemic banks, investment banks, private banks, retail/digital banks, crypto-banks, trading venues.

It was announced in April that Taurus would be launching the world’s first regulated marketplace for digital assets – Taurus TDX.

Now Taurus Is Unleashing The Full Extent Of Tokenization On Tezos

The Tezos blockchain, a self-upgradable and energy-efficient Proof of Stake protocol, has seen significant traction in the area of tokenized assets and NFTs. Smart contract deployments on Tezos are up %15,000 in 2021, and transactions on the network have eclipsed 50 million.

Answering strong client demand, Taurus’ solutions have been extended to allow clients to issue and interact with any Tezos smart contract function in a fully automated way, without custom development.

This is the result of a multifaceted collaboration with the Tezos ecosystem launched in 2020 and that already includes the support of Tez (XTZ), the native cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain, Tezos staking, and FA1.2 and FA2.0 standards (incl. NFTs).

Providing full digital asset coverage: no limits on use cases while reducing costs

Issuance platforms are disconnected from enterprise-grade custody solutions.

While existing custody platforms are mostly designed for cryptocurrencies with basic smart contract functions capabilities – transfer/mint/burn support – making it impossible for asset owners or their banks to perform asset servicing operations such as a dividend payments, coupon payments, investor whitelisting, etc.

Taurus has solved these problems for the Tezos ecosystem, in addition to Ethereum which has been supported since 2020: any fiduciary obligations related to tokenized assets (securities and NFTs) are performed automatically by detecting and processing any smart contract function call. Without any limit or custom development. 

Concretely Taurus’ solutions allow their users to:

  • To issue any custom Tezos’ smart contract (FA1.2 and FA2.0);
  • To service any custom Tezos’ smart contract (FA1.2 and FA2.0);
  • To interact with any function of Tezos’ smart contracts (FA1.2 and FA2.0) that has for example been already issued by another entity.

This allows to reduce costs significantly, ensure compliance with fiduciary duties, and break a ceiling in terms of use cases coverage. Taurus is the only digital asset infrastructure provider worldwide to be able to manage end-to-end any tokenized asset on Tezos.

Mason Edwards, Chief of Staff, Tezos Foundation said:

“The critical infrastructure level support provided by Taurus to the Tezos ecosystem unlocks new use cases and allows institutions to leverage the transformational power of the Tezos blockchain. We are thrilled to see Taurus’ support extend to all smart contract standards as adoption of Tezos continues to grow.” 

Lamine Brahimi, co-founder, Taurus added:

“Tezos is in high demand in the areas of tokenized assets and NFTs thanks to its low transaction fees and energy-efficient, proof of stake algorithm. We are pleased to allow our clients and prospects – in the financial services, entertainment, gaming industries – to easily and automatically process any Tezos smart contracts and accelerate adoption.”

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