BREAKING NEWS – REI Capital Growth (REICG): Announcing $100 Million STO On Tezos

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Digital Securities, Latest, REI Capital Growth

Note From The Author – REI Capital Growth is announcing a $100 million combined STO offering on Tezos. XTZ News will be hosting a podcast with REI Capital Growth that will be announced shortly.

REI Capital Growth & Tezos

REICG has informed us that they will launch a $100 million STO on the Tezos blockchain in April. We will do a bonus content podcast episode very soon, where Alan Blair, Founder and CEO of REICG will talk about the details and what’s about to come.


The Offerings

In short: REICG has reinvented how the typical real estate investment funds operate. The REICG investment fund is designed to mimic the way the wealthiest families in the world invest in US commercial real estate to grow their wealth over time.

“This is only made possible, because REICG is digitizing its investment offerings on the Tezos blockchain. “

The offerings will be two-fold: 

– $50 million Equity STO: Providing Growth

– $50 million Bond STO: Providing income

The Key Details We Know So Far

Key Dates:
The STO is planning to launch in April. The STO will initially only be available to non-US investors. 

Date of the podcast will be announced shortly. 

Partners Include:

  • Coinbase
  • Vertalo
  • Netki
  • Docusign
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Tiger Mark, and more…

Learn more information at: Bonus Content Podcast Episode coming soon exclusive to XTZ News

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