Catching Up With Equisafe: Another STO Marketplace Goes Live On Tezos

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Prelude – After Equisafe tokenized the first piece of real estate on the Tezos blockchain in March 2020 at the french consulate of New York, COVID temporarily killed the business case of the property (hosting weddings and other public events.) Immediately Equisafe started exploring new grounds: the private asset market.

In November last year, Equisafe revealed they had tokenized 30 private companies assets on Tezos so far, with a total value of $130 million. Since then another 20 assets have been tokenized.

Private Offerings

“Private offerings markets are 22 times bigger than public offerings, and yet they are not digitized. Bringing use, experience and access to those markets. It’s not a billion dollar market, it’s a Trillion dollar market.” Frédéric Bertoïa, Co-founder of Equisafe

Equisafe currently has 50 clients across 3 continents, $250m worth of assets under administration and more than 3,000 investors managing their investments with Equisafe.

The Equisafe platform is quickly improving market practice in the sense that they offer automated solutions to speed up a lot of corporate processes linked to equity management and the governance of a company.

A great additional advantage is the reduction of administrative costs. All these processes have been turned trustless and immutable through the Tezos-based NyX standard.

STO Marketplace

In the next phase, Equisafe will provide a platform for their clients where these assets can not only be managed, but also traded. All trades will be directly on the Tezos blockchain and then the data is pulled back from the blockchain into the user interface.

Because of the fact that Security Tokens are regulated, all users of the platform need to go through a registration process (KYC “Know Your Customer” and AML “Anti Money Laundering”).

Some trades will be restricted according to the regulations that apply on the specific STO. So the platform is centralized, but the date registry is fully decentralized and therefore trustless and immutable.

This is where regulated finance meets decentralization.

This is a realistic, real-life use case that has materialized, where processes have been made more efficient, faster and cheaper by use of public blockchain technology.

At the same time it opens a financial world of opportunities for a larger public that can invest and diversify with the ease of buying a book on Amazon.

“As an investor, you’ll be able to buy and sell shares of ownership just like you would buy a book on Amazon. And we all love how Amazon makes it easy for us. With Equisafe, you’ll build a more diversified and liquid private portfolio.”

Amongst the assets to be traded on the platform are: tokenized art and real estate, to address the most illiquid assets. The platform is functional at this time, but in the next phase, public STO’s will be onboarded.

Currently, a Swiss family office is looking into tokenizing an art portfolio. And Equisafe itself will be tokenized and offered on the platform. You take a quick tour of the features of the new version of the platform here:

MIPIM Startup Competition

Last December, Equisafe won the New York selection round of the MIPIM Startup Competition in the Investment category. In the MIPIM Startup Competition, selected startups pitch their ideas and business models to move the real estate ecosystem forward.

Next June the final round will be held in Cannes.

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