Carthagea To Establish Secondary Market Of Digital Securities On Equisafe Using Tezos

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Digital Securities, Equisafe, Latest

Carthagea, an expert in medicalized hotel residences and French operator of Ehpad in Tunisia since 2016, is to digitize the deferral of unlisted securities.

Equisafe Markets

Equisafe, a digital blockchain-based transfer agent specializing in Tezos and with over 3,000 users has today announced the launch of ‘Equisafe Markets’.

Equisafe is looking to improve post-trade infrastructure for private markets with the aim of making them more accessible and not just restricted to wealthy investors. Three key points impact on the efficiency of private markets including:

  • High investment amounts
  • Time-consuming administrative procedures
  • Lack of liquidity

Equisafe is looking to address these issues and more with the launch of Equisafe Markets.

Technological solutions, in particular those developed by Equisafe, now make it possible to mitigate this situation. One of the major needs of today’s economy is to be able to offer solutions and functionalities that make it easy to carry out securities transactions and digitalize investor relations.

Carthagea & Equisafe

The inaugural listing on Equisafe Markets will be with Carthagea, an expert in medicalized hotel residences and French operator of Ehpad in Tunisia since 2016, to digitize the deferral of unlisted securities. They will be the first company to offer its shareholders a secondary market on Equisafe.

It was stated in the Equisafe Press Release:

The Equisafe Markets product is inaugurated by Alexandre Canabal, President and founder of Carthagea. The operation will allow Alexandre to recover the cash from his investment, since the launch of the company in 2016.

The transaction was launched on April 1, 2021 on Equisafe Markets, Equisafe’s new service for posting selling interests on the platform.

The platform provides the tools to proceed with the end-to-end transfer, incorporating the signing of the transfer agreement, the order for the movement of securities by the various parties, and the formalities with the registry and the tax authorities.

Carthagea have between 201-500 employees listed on LinkedIn and they are described as ‘a French operator of medicalized residences in Tunisia with its head office in France. The company currently operates 2 residences located in 4 star hotels, with a strong continuous growth since its creation.

Founded by Alexandre and Georges Canabal, this family business builds social and ethical values with the ambition to change the image of the EHPAD by privileging the well-being of its residents.’ 

Commenting on the announcement, Alexandre Canabal, President of Carthagea stated:

“This operation will accelerate our development by allowing us to increase our hosting capacity and the launch of our school. It is an important step in the growth of the company in order to meet the strong demand of our French and Swiss customers”

Bilal El Alamy, President of Equisafe, who were founded in 2019 and carried out the first real estate sale via Blockchain in Europe (also known as the “AnnA transaction”) added:

“We are pleased to be able to offer talented entrepreneurs the possibility to sell their shares simply, transparently and securely. This collaboration with such a developed player demonstrates once again the democratization of the blockchain and its application” 

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