AqarChain Will Launch Their STO Platform On Tezos Next Month

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AqarChain will have a utility token called AQR token, which is launched on Tezos and will be an FA1.2 protocol token. The token private presale is currently ongoing and listing on Quipuswap will be announced soon.


In November last year I covered the announcement of the real estate investment platform that AqarChain was building on Tezos. This platform is about to go live in July. Initially, July 1st was communicated to be the launch date, but that was a miscommunication. A final date will be announced soon.

Tezos will be used for the tokenization of real estate, which is then to be traded on the platform.

“The general property listing platform will launch in July, currently we are onboarding property developers and brokers. We are proud to be on the verge of launching one of the most innovative solutions that will revolutionize the way people invest in real-estate using crowdfunding and tokenization through digital assets.

This has democratized investments while allowing the digital trade of real-estate assets in a more seamless, secure, efficient, and quick manner.

We have developed not only a state of the art property listing portal with mobile application for retail users, which will be live in July 2021 allowing developers and brokers get a free listing and sales management platform, but, we have also developed our crowd funding self-tokenization platform for properties which allows fractional ownership of properties.

Together these two platforms will revolutionize real estate investments.” – Waqas Nakhwa, Founder and CTO of Aqarchain, Founder and CEO of SmartChain

AQR Token & Rewards

AqarChain will have a utility token called AQR token, which is launched on Tezos and will be an FA1.2 protocol token. The token private presale is currently ongoing and listing on Quipuswap will be announced soon.

It will be possible to stake AQR tokens on the AqarChain platform and earn rewards. Also LP tokens that can be obtained by liquidity providers on Quipuswap can be staked on the AqarChain platform to earn more AQR tokens. Collaboration with Yieldfarming platforms on Tezos is on the roadmap.

AQR token will also be bridged to Binance chain, which will enable a listing on Pancake swap as well.

Tezos Baker & Shariah Compliance

With this platform integration, Tezos increases it’s position in the STO market as basis for STO issuance. AqarChain is also running its own Tezos node and is thus a Tezos Baker.

“The readiness and ease-of-use of the Tezos platform, along with its robust security standards, gives us an infrastructure and the capability of adapting to our business model.

Tezos has also recently acquired a shariah compliance certificate which enables us to offer 100 percent, sharia-compliant investment option to our investors. This will help us widen our investor scope.” – Haitham AlHammadi, COO, of Aqar Chain

Tokenizing Real Estate

Tokenization of real estate means that investors can trade and hold tokens that are backed by real-estate. These tokens are Security Tokens, which means that handling and trading these tokens is regulated. These tokens are commonly referred to as STO’s. (Security Token Offerings).

In short, tokenization of real estate works as following: Real estate has value. To tokenize that a piece of real estate, you take the actual value, let’s say 1 million dollars, and divide it into tokens.

Let’s say 100.000 tokens of 10 Dollar. The amount of tokens is fixated on-chain, and from the moment the STO is launched, the tokens can be traded. If demand rises, so does the value of the tokens. If demand drops, so does the value of the token.

People buying the tokens will have to do some research on the property and compare prices with other properties, just like anyone would do for any investment in real estate. Don’t expect the value swings you see in cryptocurrencies. STO value will probably follow the same trend as its real-world counterparts.

What makes STO’s interesting is the fact that these investments are relatively safe, but generate income. (Owners of the tokens can for example receive a percentage of rental income that is generated by the real estate).

What makes STO’s revolutionizing, is the fact that in traditional real estate investments, not just everyone can participate due to the fact that traditionally, you can’t buy small pieces of real estate. So people with limited funds can’t commonly invest in real estate. STO’s allow people to invest smaller amounts in the real estate market.

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