Plenty DeFi: Sustainable Yield Farming On Tezos

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Plenty DeFi is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform on Tezos that has just launched and currently offers one farm and six pools where users can farm and earn PLENTY tokens by staking several tokens. 

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Additional Note: the reference for ‘sustainable’ is mentioned here.

Plenty DeFi

Plenty DeFi is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform on Tezos that has just launched and currently offers one farm and six pools where users can farm and earn PLENTY tokens by staking several tokens.

Plenty DeFi is created by Tezsure, and DGHLabs. The Tezsure team has been building on Tezos for a while now and has created a set of Teztools, OrO Oracle and StakePool.

DGHLabs is a Dubai based incubator, powered by blockchain venture studio Draper Goren Holm.

Plenty DeFi has been live for a few days now and a whopping $9 million in value is locked in all the pools and farms on the platform.

Currently you can stake:


– PLENTY-XTZ LP token to earn more PLENTY. (You receive PLENTY-XTZ LP tokens by providing liquidity to the PLENTY/XTZ pair on Quipuswap.)

After the basic version of the platform launched, Plenty DeFi is now working towards the roll out of the following additional components: Automated Market Maker (AMM), Initial Farm Offerings (IFO’s), and governance.

PLENTY token

Contract address is FA1.2: KT1GRSvLoikDsXujKgZPsGLX8k8VvR2Tq95b

Max supply (capped): 62,000,000 PLENTY

Distribution: There was no presale, but PLENTY was trading on Quipuswap for about a week before the Plenty DeFi platform went live. 1,000,000 PLENTY is pre-minted.

Further distribution is through farming. The minting rate for the farm distribution is 100 PLENTY/block.

PLENTY is also the governance token of Plenty DeFi. Plenty DeFi will be fully decentralized and governed by the community. Governance will entail voting for new features, token burnings and the platform’s parameters.

Currently, the admin smart contract has control over reward distribution of the pools and farms, as well as the parameters of the individual pools/farms.

This contract is now managed via multisig. Eventually, all these features will be appointed to the Plenty DAO, including withdrawal fees. – Bernd Oostrum, Core developer of Plenty DeFi.

Plenty DAO

The Plenty DAO is a pool of funds for the further development of Plenty DeFi. The Plenty DAO funds is generated in two ways:

– When distributing rewards to the pools and farm, the admin contract calculates 10% of the total reward tokens and sends that as a second transaction to the Plenty DAO Treasury.

– 25% of the withdrawal fees goes to the Plenty DAO Treasury.

Withdrawal fees

Before you stake any token, make sure you check what the withdrawal fees are for that particular token. Current fees for funds that is withdrew in

– Under 3 days is 25%.

– Under 6 days is 12.5%

– Under 9 days is 10%

– After  9 days is 4%

So when you withdraw your tokens, PLENTY, hDAO, wMATIC, wLINK, USDtz or ETHtz you will be charged at least 4% of these tokens.


Plenty DeFi has a scarcity mechanic built into the tokenomics of the platform. 75% of the withdrawal fees is used to buy back and burn PLENTY. This creates buying pressure for PLENTY and represses inflation.

Yield percentages

On the farm pages there are yield percentages mentioned. The annual percentage yield (APY) is the yearly interest rate while taking compounding interest into account.

This means that you are expected to make these percentages if you stake your earned PLENTY right after you earned them in your pool or farm. That way you earn interest on your interest. Plenty DeFi is working on an auto-compound feature.

The Return on investment (ROI) can be found under the APR. The ROI calculates your return without taking the compound interest into account. So in case you do not stake your earned PLENTY.


The Plenty DeFi smart contracts are being audited by a third party. The audit is ongoing and is expected to be finished early June. The audit is done by a company called Apriorit.

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