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In this DeFi interview article, Barry O’ Hearn takes a look into ‘Cerveza’ to understand more about the dynamics of the project and to shed light on what’s coming next.

Disclaimer: DeFi is high risk and the following article contains no financial advice. It is recommended that thorough research is undertaken on any DeFi/blockchain applications/projects, utilizing multiple sources, before participating with any blockchain projects, or tokens in this space. Read our full disclaimer here.

An Introduction To The Cerveza Interview

Cerveza may be one of the first Spanish words that we learn in primarily English-speaking countries. Given the fondness that the Tezos community has for tacos, salsa and similar spicy Mexican cuisine, the rise of CERVEZA (CVZA) seems a natural progression for the token ecosystem.

Though it began as a meme token, the developers have big plans for Cerveza and envision using it as a tool to streamline the introduction of new tokens to the Tezos ecosystem.

According to the development plan described on their hub freibier.io, CVZA holders that provide liquidity to the CVZA-XTZ pair will receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens that will make them automatically eligible to participate in all airdrops for tokens that utilize the Freibier platform for their launch and distribution channel.

One can certainly see the advantage of such a system both from a development/distribution perspective and from the airdrop participant perspective.

This means that CVZA-LP holders will no longer have to stay awake into the late hours of the night waiting for an airdrop announcement so that they can retweet, tag friends, register, jump through hoops and whatever else one might need to do to qualify.

It may also mean that participating token “airdroppers” won’t have to sift through hundreds of registration entries, wallet addresses and Twitter feeds to verify eligibility of airdrop participants. 

While the development of CVZA isn’t quite to this point yet, these features are in the works. CVZA can now be swapped directly for XTZ directly on Freibier.io and CVZA holders will also soon be able to stake their holding directly through the Freibier hub.

Additionally, they plan to offer Ethereum to CVZA direct purchases and they will soon (coming in May) offer staking of both CVZA and the CVZA-LP token that can be earned by providing liquidity for CVZA on Quipuswap.

Here’s a rundown of the CVZA tokenomics:

  • Initial supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Team: 25,000,000
  • Airdrop: 125,000,000
  • Marketing / Support (received already): 75,000,000
  • Sponsoring: 40,000,000
  • Advisory: 10,000,000
  • Dev Grant: 100,000,000
  • Liquidity: 200,000,000
  • Tokensale: 200,000,000

Note: Though we do our best to avoid covering token projects that have so called “red flags”, most developers choose to operate with a certain degree of anonymity for a variety of reasons. As with all token offerings, please do your own due diligence and understand that participation in new projects such as this are high risk by nature.

To get to know the CVZA team better and to better understand their plans, I sat down for a virtual cerveza with the founder Nik. The following virtual interview took place through Twitter chat.

The Interview

You chose an excellent name for your token, especially in the Tezos ecosystem which seems to have an insatiable appetite for tacos, salsa and similar spicy Mexican cuisine.

What is your background and how long have you been involved with Tezos? Please share some of the social media profiles for you and your team.

Me (Nik) Founder.

I have been a Tezos Hodler since the ICO and also bought some more since then. Always believed in it and still do, hopefully this year we’ll see some more new ATH! 

My background is mostly B2B marketing. I have been working in this area for the last 10 years from the beach on a tropical island…

I can be found on Twitter (https://twitter.com/tezosmania), telegram (@elcervezero_cvca) and Discord (braumeister#0042)


Head of Engineering: Max 

Head of Blockchain: Philipp

Angel Investor and Product Advisor: Kai 

Community Manager: NickFX (Telegram @NickFX99)

What inspired you to create $CVZA?

Initially I simply wanted to figure out what it takes to create a token. Frankly, it started as a fun project to learn more about what it would take to build out the DeFi economy on Tezos.

As the token got more traction than I imagined, basically out of nowhere, I was motivated to do more with it, reached out to my network and tried to get developers on board and people that would help with community management and organizational stuff.

Please share some of your plans and goals for $CVZA.

I truly believe that especially Tezos’ early projects need stability and the right tooling to be able to focus on the things that are important.

That’s why we aim to incentivize people outside the Tezos ecosystem to join us by offering them an easy airdrop participation solution, as well as a tool for project developers to execute airdrops in a simple and secure way, taking off the pain to check for legit wallets, uniqueness of the airdrop-requests and even checking for social media activities like tweets or re-tweeting.

We simply needed it ourselves and didn’t find a good tool to do that for us.

How do you make decisions regarding the development of CVZA?

For the first versions we have a very clear path of what it takes to a) provide value as a tool, b) stabilize the project and c) ensure sustainability.

After that we’re open to release another governance token and follow a DAO model. But for now, we want to focus on execution.

With Freibier.io, you appear to be situating CVZA to be quite a useful token with possible interaction and relationships with other Tezos tokens. Can you tell us about your plans to go beyond a meme token?

Here’s what you can expect next:

First, you’ll be able to swap Tezos for delicious Cerveza ($CVZA) directly on https://freibier.io  Taking out the middleman (exchange) just allows a simplified onboarding process for new users.

Version 2 will offer you to stake CVZA and stake your QuipuSwap LP token (XTZ/CVZA) and get rewarded with additional gently brewed Cerveza. Only a drunk ape is a happy one! – Kidding, we need to make sure that the project stabilizes by having enough liquidity on relevant exchanges as well as incentivizing people to stick with us as well as incentivizing people to stick with us in the long run.

In Version 3 we’ll release the first version of our airdrop tool that helps project owners to execute their airdrops seamlessly. Stakers of CVZA and XTZ-CVZA-LP will automatically participate in these airdrops and benefit long-term.

In future versions we’ll refine the project and optimize airdrops for project owners in a variety of ways to reduce fraud and automate time-consuming tasks.

Will you be doing additional airdrops soon?

We have given out over 55 million free beers so far and there won’t be airdrops of CVZA in the next weeks, but we will do several competitions and give out rewards for certain tasks. 

We will announce these on Discord (https://discord.gg/myz3mw5gaG), Telegram (https://t.me/cervezabrewery) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/brewsomecerveza)

Where do you see the CVZA ecosystem in five years?

We will develop more ways to help new token projects grow while at the same time reward CERVEZA hodlers. Freibier.io will become a full launchpad solution for projects on the Tezos smart chain.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your plans for CVZA. It is an exciting project and it would certainly have an excellent use case! I’ll be pondering the prospects of the CVZA token as I eat my afternoon tacos and have a peaceful seaside siesta!

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