Kraznik Underverse Launches NFT Collection And DAO Infrastructure On Tezos

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Kraznik Underverse, a recipient of the distinguished Tezos India Fellowship Program, is deploying the very first iteration of an NFT + DAO infrastructure on the Tezos mainnet.

Kraznik Underverse NFT Collection And DAO Infrastructure

Kraznik Underverse, a fortunate recipient of the distinguished Tezos India Fellowship Program, is deploying the very first iteration of an NFT + DAO infrastructure on the Tezos mainnet.

Emphasizing the core pillars of transparency, community-building, and an open-source framework, the platform will serve as a proof of concept for amalgamating resources to build a next-generation investment vehicle.

The undertaking sits directly at the intersection of content NFTs and a radically transparent DAO structure, allowing Kraznik to differentiate itself from the hyper-saturated NFT market.

Kraznik seeks to empower a community of NFT enthusiasts and DAO participants by democratizing the entire value system and decision-making process in an end-to-end fashion.

The initial launch will entail a DAO fundraising campaign, which will be catalyzed by the primary NFT sale — 70% of the sale proceeds will be allocated toward the DAO treasury.

The DAO treasury will be invested into various crypto-natives such as blue chip NFTs, next generation DeFi infrastructure, and Web3 technologies.

Participants that ultimately purchase the NFT (sporting 3D-crafted Apes) will be granted membership to the DAO and their respective stake of the pool.

Each DAO member will shape the direction of the community-managed fund, bolstered by a dedicated research team responsible for sourcing and allocating the strategic investments.

The NFT market in totality experiences close to ~$50 million in trading volume on a daily basis, yet less than 2% of the American population have purchased an NFT; the disconnect may be due to the cryptic utility or lack of valuable use cases.

In creating NFTs centered around identity (as opposed to pure artistic speculation) while simultaneously incorporating a self-sufficient DAO structure, Kraznik focuses on the core primitives that other projects neglect all too often.

These primitive ideas were the driving factors that inspired the creation of the flagship NFT design, the Kraznik Ape.

Identity reflection using NFTs as a vehicle can be hard to pinpoint among existing NFTs in circulation — buyers are merely buying to speculate on the price action.

As a ‘digital identity’ continues to proliferate in tandem with the growth of blockchain technology as a whole, Kraznik seeks to bridge the gap between identity and digitization through a series of 8,888 generated Apes.

Each Ape features a wide variety of traits that reflect the normalcy of our physical lives combined with the digital aesthetics akin to sci-fi films.

The incorporation of physical elements was also a key priority for Kraznik which will be hosting bi-annual meetups, with the first location slated to take place in Bali.

Kraznik chose Tezos as its dedicated blockchain for two cardinal reasons: 

  1. The excellent on-chain governance mechanism
  2. Tezos itself has yet to become widely adopted yet boasts major competitive advantagesThe nascency of Tezos relative to its operating incumbents

The Kraznik Underverse team stated:

“To me, the most captivating facet of NFTs is the ability to verifiably prove ownership and  specific action to take place. At the same time, DAOs serve as the most groundbreaking architecture to manifest self-sufficient communities.

When you combine these transformational technologies onto a blockchain [Tezos] that’s extremely well-positioned to execute this, the end result is a first-of-its kind community that can be repurposed for different areas of focus.

I think our core principles are being very well-received by the Tezos community because with each passing day there is less and less to delineate one project from another.

We’re also gaining acceptance because of our feedback-driven model, which will continually drive the growth of the platform over time.”

Video demo of Kraznik DAO at Tezos India fellowship here

You can find the Kraznik Underverse roadmap here:

November 2021

    • Launch the Kraznik DAO
    • Incentivize the community with giveaways and community events
    • Formalize the research program to introduce investment opportunities
    • Announce and explain how the community fund will function, including investments in early-stage projects

December 2021

    • Collaborate with several artists to create custom merch for the community
    • Send out 3D-printed versions of the apes (all NFT holders can redeem)
    • Continue to invest in early-stage projects through private sales, and distribution of proceeds to all Ape holders
    • Provide animated NFT characters

January 2022

    • Create music video NFTs and other creative content
    • Introduce the first physical meetup for the community. The event location is still tentatively selected to be hosted in Bali
    • Introduce the airdrop functionality for Ape holders to receive a customized airdrop for the meetup
    • Collaborate with local artists based in the meetup location to support the local culture and community

February 2022

    • Host the first physical meetup accompanied by the airdrop for holders
    • Provide merch & content for all Ape holders

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