Homebase Launches On Tezos

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Adoption, DAOs, Latest

  • Instantly spin-up and manage DeFi and NFT DAOs 

  • Powered by BaseDAO, the first common core framework to create DAOs on Tezos

  • Projects using Homebase include Bender Labs’ WRAP and HicEtNunc’s hDAO


Homebase, a powerful tool to build and manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on Tezos, launched today. Leading DeFi protocol WRAP by Bender Labs and renowned NFT marketplace HicEtNunc are two of the first entities to launch DAOs on Tezos using Homebase.

Homebase is a revolutionary tool for the Tezos ecosystem of applications across DeFi, NFTs, and more, empowering anyone to easily deploy sophisticated and agile DAOs. 

Homebase is a platform powered by BaseDAO, which represents the first common core framework to create DAOs on Tezos. A common core framework is smart contract framework that enables anyone to create a DAO for anything on Tezos — including granting the means to make parameter changes for individual projects through proposals. 

Homebase is a user interface that enables developers and communities to launch DAOs on Tezos and participate in the governance of those DAOs.

The goal of Homebase is to give interested parties a user-friendly  experience to allow anyone of any technical level to engage with and launch DAOs.

This includes everything from the proposal system to setting quorum thresholds to even creating the DAO’s native token, which are all included in the creation interface. 

DAOs are particularly useful to collectively govern community administered treasuries and decentralized projects. Homebase unlocks the ability for the Tezos ecosystem to have truly community-governed systems.

The first use cases on Homebase come from two leading projects in the DeFi and NFT spaces: Bender Labs and HicEtNunc. 

The WRAP Protocol from Bender Labs will leverage Homebase to administer decentralized governance through the WRAP token for cross-chain assets.

HicEtNunc, the leading NFT marketplace on Tezos, will introduce new governance features through Homebase related to the hDAO token. 

“We are extremely excited to deliver on another milestone that has been in the works for weeks now. This is another first for Tezos, where we are giving the community true governance over Wrap Protocol, with collaboration from Tezos Homebase.

Wrap is, at its core, a community owned project, with the intent of being truly governed by WRAP token holders. With the Homebase implementation, they will have even more tools to interact with us and improve Wrap Protocol, such as submitting official proposals and voting rights.”

– Hugo Renaudin, Co-Founder and CEO of Bender Labs. 

Homebase DAO allows users to build two types of DAOs — Treasuries and Registries. Treasuries are used to collectively manage resources of an organization.

Registries have embedded treasury functions and are used to collectively manage registries, govern smart contracts, or curate marketplaces. 

Tezos is one of the original Proof of Stake smart contract layer one blockchains. Since launching in 2017, it has successfully upgraded itself seven times, logged millions of transactions, and attracted a vibrant, global community.

Developers are able to easily build powerful tools and products, while new users can explore NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and more across hundreds of decentralized applications running on Tezos. 

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