With TzPing Your Tezos dApps Create Decentralized Notifications For Their Users

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Adoption, Latest

TzPing is a decentralized notification service on Tezos that will allow dApps to connect with the TzPing dApp and send you notifications (if you opted in and have the TzPing dApp).


One of the challenges for a good user experience of decentralized applications (dApps), is the fact that users need to check in on all dApps they use to see the status of whatever they are interested in.

Got an auction live and want to know if you got any bids? You have to check in on the platform.

TzPing is a decentralized notification service on Tezos that will allow dApps to connect with the TzPing dApp and send you notifications (if you opted in for that and have the TzPing dApp). 

I think anyone who has checked out NFTs on Tezos for example, has missed some interesting bids on NFTs in their collection. With TzPing, you could get notified as soon as you got a bid. 

TzPing could also be useful if you want to opt out of certain farms when the yield percentage drops below a certain level.

Another interesting use-case would be a dApp that gives price notifications through a price oracle.

For example, if you want to buy or sell a specific token at a certain price, you set a value in the dApp and get a notification at that price through TzPing. The TzPing team is looking to use Harbinger price oracle for such a purpose.

The use-cases are endless:
Updates from DAO’s, blockchain games that announce events, bakers that want to make announcements, staking pay out notifications, wallets that notify you when you receive transactions, dApps that announce changes within their services, even notifications about about new protocol updates in tezos ecosystem.

And all in a decentralized manner:

“TzPing is a blockchain protocol that provides you decentralized notifications from different DApps and channels.” 

dApps do need to create a TzPing channel to enable notifications first. And it will be the developers of the dApp (or DAO) that determines which events will create notifications through TzPing.

Next, users will need to download TzPing and subscribe to channels and opt in for notifications. It will be the dApps that send the notifications.

“TzPing is rethinking communication in web3. Starting with popular NFT projects and crowdsales.”

TzPing is a project that was started in the Tezos India Fellowship and received Ecosystem Growth Grant by TzAPAC.

When launch??

We are targeting testnet launch this month and mainnet launch next month.”

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