Introducing WAC Lab –  A Web3 Fellowship Program for the Arts and Culture Institutions

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We Are Museums and TZ Connect have announced a new program titled Unlocking Web3 for the Arts and Culture (WAC), beginning on April 18

The 8-week program will dive into Web3 through intensive and immersive educational programs, mentorships, and hands-on sessions.

Participants will include leading art and culture institutions exploring Web3 such as museums, galleries, foundations, art fairs, and auction houses.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the Tezos Unsplash Library.

 Introducing WAC Lab

We Are Museums, an international community of museum professionals, and TZ Connect, Berlin-based team dedicated to advancing the Tezos ecosystem, announce the launch of a new program titled WAC Fellowship (Web3 for the Arts and Culture) that will begin on April 18.

After launching a successful weekly discussion program, WAC Weekly, in December 2021, this new initiative is designed to guide arts and culture professionals through the exciting opportunities provided by Web3 innovations. 

Powered by the Tezos ecosystem, the WAC Fellowship is an 8-week program to learn about Web3 and build a project for the arts and culture from scratch, intensive and immersive educational programs, mentorships, and hands-on sessions. 

The WAC Fellowship program will focus on three areas: how arts and culture institutions can use Web3 technology to further their mission for social good; the ways institutions can include Web3 in their commitment to environmental justice; and Web3 as a navigation tool through the financial crisis weighing down on the culture sector.

Beginning on April 18, the education program will offer a comprehensive body of knowledge and new practices. Covering the basics of blockchain combined with a set of hands-on and future-thinking sessions to identify new use cases, it is composed of:

  • Training on NFTs, DAOs, encryption, DeFi, consensus mechanisms, oracles, and more. 
  • Workshop on the futures of the Web3 in Culture and Arts: a UNESCO-inspired Futures Literacy Lab in collaboration with MOTI Foundation.
  • Blockchain tech reality check: everything that is and isn’t possible 
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions with technologists and strategists
  • Weekly informal conversations where fellows meet the people shaping the space today, in collaboration with Blockchain Art Directory 2.0.
  • Access to resources including the latest press reviews, ecosystem mapping, a knowledge library with tutorials and useful links and bibliographies, and an open-source library to develop new projects, in collaboration with Blockchain Art Directory 2.0.

To apply for the WAC Fellowship program, click here. The deadline for applications is April 4 at noon UTC.

On March 28 at 4pm UTC, an informational event will be organized to introduce the WAC Fellowship in detail and answer questions, followed by a creative “Idea Lab” to brainstorm new use cases of Web3 for arts and culture institutions. Interested in joining? Register here.

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