Turing College Partners With The Tezos Foundation To Launch Free Web 3 Developer Course

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Turing College – An Online learning platform for data science and practical experiences has partnered with the Tezos Foundation to launch a new free web 3 developer course.

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Turing College

Turing College is an Online learning platform for data science and practical experiences. The idea behind the online college is to create a career school that ensures students are work-ready on day one of their new data science position.

The college recently formed part of Y Combinator’s W21 batch, featuring 350 startups from 41 nations.

The college has nearly 150 students from 17 countries and 100% of their graduates have landed jobs in Fortune500 companies and European unicorns like Vinted and NordVPN.

The Turing College education team consists of people from Google, Nord Security, Amazon, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Vinted and Unity to name just some. This education team can be seen here.

The New Web 3 Development Course

Now, Turing College has partnered with the Tezos Foundation to deliver a free web 3 course for developers.

The course has been designed with the focus of simplifying the transition from Web 2 to Web 3 for developers.

The course contains a curriculum with many sections involving utilizing the Tezos blockchain to develop web 3 skills.

The course is free as it has been sponsored by the Tezos Foundation and it will last 1-2 months

Developers interested can join the waiting list prior to launch, shown at the bottom of this page.

Benas Sidlauskas, CBDO & Co-founder of Turing College said on the initiative:

“The value of every web3 ecosystem directly relates with an active community of developers. Especially now, when markets go into its down-cycle, having a strong developers community means life or death for a project. Hype and grand vision won’t suffice to justify token evaluations”

Roman Schnider, President of the Tezos Foundation added:

“Turing College has a unique and well-designed approach to onboard more web2 talents to the Tezos ecosystem. We are delighted to collaborate on such an important initiative to help equip and elevate the next generation of developers and creators.”

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