The Tezos Foundation Is Joining The DEC Institute Contributing To 4 Top Universities

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The Tezos Foundation is joining the DEC Institute as an active member, and will be contributing education and examination efforts to 4 top universities as part of the effort.

 The DEC Institute And The Tezos Foundation

The Tezos Foundation is joining with the DEC Institute (created by a consortia of leading universities and institutions researching and teaching DLT)  as an active member and will be contributing education and examination efforts to 4 top universities as part of the effort.

The DEC Institute has founding partner universities including University College London – United Kingdom, The Frankfurt School Of Finance – Germany, the Lucerne University Of Applied Arts & Sciences – Switzerland, and the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad – India.

To give some idea of the calibre of these universities, the University College London is the largest university in the UK by total enrolment both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. It is ranked as the 10th best university in the world.

It features the UCL Centre For Blockchain Technologies, which is committed to becoming:

the leading global research hub focussed on Blockchain technologies.

Dec Institute Tezos

The DEC Institute are looking to create ‘a global passport for Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets’ and create an ‘benchmark industry standard for anyone working in the Blockchain industry’.

They have blockchain and digital asset certifications including: the ‘Chartered Blockchain Expert (CBX ®)’  and the ‘Chartered Digital Asset Analyst (CDAA ®)‘.

Aside from the founding education consortia, the DEC Institute also has testing partners including two of ‘the Big 4 Insurance companies in the world’: PWC (the second largest professional services network in the world) and Deloitte (the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and service professionals.

Testing partners also include SEBA bank (who have a banking license in Switzerland) and Deutsche Bahn which are the second-largest transport company in the world.

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