The Tezos Dev Series: Teddy (Et Mitte, Reno DAO & Teddy DAO)

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

In this 5th edition of the brand new ‘Tezos Dev Series’, Teddy from Et Mitte, Reno DAO and Teddy DAO gives some insight on what he is currently working on, what Tezos development strategies he is adopting, and what he’d like to see in Tezos dev tooling.

Current Tezos Projects

You might know Teddy from “Et Mitte” a messaging dApp to send messages to Tezos addresses. Et Mitte can be used to send messages to any address on the Tezos blockchain.

Messages show up as tokens in Tezos wallets. It’s a cool solution to be able to reach out to the owners of an address without knowing who the owner is.

Currently, Teddy is working on two projects: Teddy DAO and Reno DAO.

“For Reno DAO, I’m working on making a: Zero Knowledge Proof Oracle. Basically, a user would submit a driver’s license or documents to Reno/ then a proof is generated.

So, Reno Government would act as a trusted signer to on-chain this proof which could then be used by the Tezos Blockchain to distribute tokens to tz addresses that have this proof. This oracle would only be specific for Reno identities.”

Development Strategies

Smart contract language of choice on Tezos: SmartPy.

“I’ve written contracts in Michelson, OCaml flavored Ligo and SmartPy. I like SmartPy best and decided to use it for tDAO and for planning rDAO.”

What Teddy Would Like To See In Tezos Development Tooling

“I’d really like reading and writing Michelson more if there was a stack visualization tool for viewing Michelson programs.

I think that tool would be very useful to people trying to understand the behavior of contracts deployed on the chain without having access to the more human-readable underlying Ligo or SmartPy code. Imagine being able to load in input to then watch the Michelson stack change.

To my understanding, there’s not something like it currently available, yet”

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