Tezos Social Metrics Continue To Grow As The Blockchain’s Social Engagement Hits Position 2 Out Of 3530 Coins

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Adoption, Latest

Tezos social metrics have shown large growth recently highlighted by the fact that Tezos social engagement has risen to position 2 after Bitcoin, whilst the social volume has hit position 3 after Ethereum in the last 24 hours.

Over 3 months Tezos is still placed within the top 5 rankings for social volume and engagement (LunarCrush)

Image courtesy of the Tezos Unsplash page.

Tezos Social Metrics

The past few months have seen exponential growth for Tezos’ social metrics and in the last couple of days, Tezos has been ranking in the top 3 positions of social volume and engagement when looking at the LunarCrush social metrics.

In terms of social engagement, Tezos currently (at the time of writing) sits in position 2 of 3,530 coins with 275.16M social engagement, behind Bitcoin.

The closest next coin in the rankings is Ethereum with 270.03M worth of social engagement. 

In terms of social volume, Tezos currently ranks position 3 out of 3,530 coins with 81.17K worth of social volume behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Tezos currently has an overall social dominance score of 4.917% across the whole cryptocurrency market. 

When placed in a longer time frame of 3 months, Tezos still ranks in the top 5 coins by social volume:

Over 3 months for social engagement, Tezos comes in at ranking position 4:

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