Tezos Monthly Contract Calls Set Another Record As Daily Deployments Double

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

Tezos has recorded a new monthly contract call record, with contract calls for the month of February surpassing 100,000. Contract deployments have doubled and Tezos has surpassed 1 million funded accounts.

Tezos Contract Calls

The monthly amount of contract calls on Tezos mainnet crossed the 100,000 barrier in February, which is an increase of 37%.  In the past 9 months these metrics have continued to show substantial growth. 

Contract calls are smart contract interactions, so these metrics are a great way to show on-chain growth in adoption.

Developer Activity

Developer activity both on mainnet and on the two testnets that are currently live, showed a huge spike in developer interest in February.

An average there were 2,400 contract deployments per day with 480 total deployments to mainnet in February. In January this was an average of 930 deployments per day and the month before we saw 700 daily deployments.

This month’s growth comes down to an increase of 258% compared to last month. Very positive for the future growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

1,000,000 Funded Accounts

As expected, this milestone has been reached. In February, Tezos broke the barrier of 1,000,000 funded accounts.

Most Popular Applications

This month we’ve seen TzColors take off in an unexpected but very successful way. NFT’s of simple plain colors were sold for several thousand dollars per NFT.

Apparently bidding on auctions can be fun if transaction costs are low. Placing a bid on TzColors only costs about $0.01, which makes it no big deal if you are out outbid in a later stage.

The algorithmic stable coin kUSD was launched and can be used on Atomex, a Tezos-based Hybrid exchange.

kUSD allows you to mint kUSD after you’ve put up XTZ as collateral. In under 2 weeks, close to 300,000 kUSD was minted and about $1,250,000 in XTZ is currently locked up as collateral. 

On the 1st of March a new NFT application Hicetnunc launched the ability to sell, buy and swap Tezos-based NFTs on its website.

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