Tezos Accelerates In China And Asia Through Candaq and TZ APAC

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

TZ APAC have enlisted the help of Candaq to help grow Tezos adoption in China, as TZ APAC joins the Blockchain Game Alliance, and a leading South Korean telecoms company begins to explore Tezos.

Candaq, TZ APAC And Tezos

TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based public blockchain consultancy supporting the Tezos ecosystem have enlisted the help of Candaq to accelerate Tezos adoption in China.

Charlie Hu, a founder of Candaq Fintech Group described how both groups, TZ APAC and Candaq, are helping to develop Tezos ecosystem development in the China and Asia Pacific regions in a YouTube interview conducted by Dinis Guarda, who is a well known tech-influencer.

Charlie Hu is also the co-founder of Polkabase, a Polkadot China Eco-system community, which has helped Polkadot to develop a strong base and ecosystem in China. He has started to work with TZ APAC as a strategic advisor on the China side of things since the beginning of the month. He mentioned on Tezos:

“There are over 300 projects built on Tezos globally, but there is not a lot of involvement from China. Realising the synergy and potential in working on Chinese projects, I was asked to join the TZ APAC team.

The strong side of Tezos can be realised and developed in the Chinese ecosystem. That is something I’m looking forward to contributing to and excited about.”

Use Cases And Korean Telecoms Company

The Tezos project with Candaq falls under Candaq’s consulting arm and when asked about case studies and any particular things he would like to highlight what is happening regarding Tezos in Asia, Charlie Hu stated:

“The Tezos blockchain hasn’t really been built that much in China yet, compared to Polkadot. The Tezos ecosystem is relatively very strong in Europe and has interesting cases. There are also many projects built on Tezos in the APAC region.

What I can share, from my initial understanding, is that the Tezos Foundation has many research labs building digital assets on chain in Singapore and in Korea.

One of the leading telecom companies in Korea is exploring the Tezos blockchain as one of their infrastructure protocols to build their new digital asset for their transformation system to get traceability and immutability.”

Supply Chain Finance

Charlie Hu went on to mention other use cases for Tezos including STOs and digital securities, but also touched upon Supply Chain Finance:

“The Tezos ecosystem has been working on a lot of exploratory research in the supply chain finance field. I think they have a lot of things done. I can’t really give the names because some projects are still on-going. They have a lot of trade and finance collaboration to facilitate platforms on the Tezos technology.

Specially in Singapore, which is one of the central hubs in South East Asia.Through the use of Tezos technology, many SMEs are able to show and provide proof to the banks that their contractual asset is solid, legitimate and can earn trust on the digital platform.”

Blockchain Game Alliance

In other news, TZ APAC recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance as a member. The Blockchain Game Alliance is a non-profit association advocating for blockchain technology in video games. Members of the alliance include giants such as Ubisoft, AMD and Atari, amongst others.

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