STO’s On ERX: Over 7,000 Holders Received Revenue Generated By Rental Income Of The Underlying Asset

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STO exchange ERX has delivered on its first promise. Over 7,000 holders of the real-estate-backed token SIRIHUB have received revenue generated by rental income of the underlying asset.

A new utility token called ER-X is also planned to launch on Tezos.

ERX X SIRIHUB Revenue Distribution

While most banks have diminished interest rates on saving accounts to nothing or even negative rates, new financial products that utilize the Tezos blockchain allow both small and large investors to tap into the revenue generated in the real estate market.

STO exchange ERX has delivered on its first promise. Over 7,000 holders of the real-estate-backed token SIRIHUB have received revenue generated by rental income of the underlying asset.

You can find out more about the underlying assets here.

ERX is a Tezos-based exchange, created by Elevated Returns, and specifically designed to trade Security Token Offerings (STO).

STO’s are classified as securities and trading them will need to be done while following strict regulations. This can be done by implementing all the rules and restrictions of these regulations in the tokens through smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain.

Each STO will have its own regulations to follow. This means that each STO will have its customized rules and restrictions implemented in a custom token.

The smart contracts on the blockchain allow the automation of several required processes in an immutable and transparent way.

This way, utilizing smart contracts, allows you to cut out one or more middlemen. This brings many advantages such as cost reduction and a large reduction in process times.

In short:

Limiting the possibility to trade these tokens strictly on ERX, allows the enforcement of these regulations automatically through the Tezos blockchain without the interference of lawyers, notaries, or brokers. 

Another advantage of tokenizing assets such as real estate into STOs is the fact that large assets can be sold fractionalized.

An entire building can now be owned by a large number of investors who all share in the revenue that building brings.

ERX and Tezos

The Tezos blockchain is an important component of ERX. All traders that register on ERX will have personal addresses on the Tezos blockchain.

Due to the fact that users will need a separate address for each asset they own on ERX, every user will eventually have several Tezos addresses to his or her name.

Initial trades will be made in the custodial wallet and all transactions will be registered on the Tezos blockchain in batches. This way customers will be able to pay in fiat, while ERX takes care of the transaction costs which are paid in XTZ.

Why Tezos addresses?

This is because all assets that are traded on ERX will be registered on the Tezos blockchain. And all the necessary info will be needed to be able to comply with the Thai SEC can be registered using Tezos’ token standards.

10,000 registered accounts and 7,000 holders

ERX currently has 10,000 registered accounts and over 7,000 holders.

Currently, the only STO traded on ERX is the SIRIHUB security token. SIRIHUB tokens are backed by a 73 million USD real estate project, which serves as the underlying asset that is represented by the tokens that are offered.

SIRIHUB tokens earn interest that is generated by the underlying asset. In this case, rental income.

This month, all holders of SIRIHUB tokens received their cash interest payment for the first time.

SIRIHUB token is Thailand’s first public real estate-backed STO and was launched under the supervision of the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

ER-X: a utility token

The ERX exchange will have a utility token called ER-X.

It will allow users to get discounts on transaction fees on the exchange. ER-X tokens will be launched on Tezos and they are pure utility tokens.

This means that ER-X tokens are not security tokens and will be trading on multiple (crypto) exchanges. The supply of ER-X will be capped and there will be a presale.

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