Quilt – A Decentralized P2P Chat Service On Tezos Where Users Own Their Messages

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Quilt is a decentralized P2P chat service on Tezos, which also functions cross-chain where users own their messages.

Quilt have recently released their global chat that is chain agnostic between Polygon and Tezos.


Quilt is a decentralized P2P chat service on Tezos, which also functions cross-chain where users own their messages.

One of the goals for Quilt is to take cross-chain NFT interactions, and even sales to the next level. This will enable both online socialization and transactions to combine into one platform.

Quilt have recently released their global chat that is chain agnostic between Polygon and Tezos. Users can test the version here.

Quilt is currently participating in the Encode x Tezos Accelerator with their BETA-ready product.

Why The Need For Quilt?

In traditional Web 2 style messaging and chat applications users do not fully own the content that they create, or don’t fully control how it is used. This can lead to privacy and data usage issues, where users can become exploited.

In Quilt and via utilization of decentralized storage and databases such as IPFS and GUN encrypted for privacy users can take back control of their content.

The inception of Quilt came from the fact that in the current Web3 space, socialisation within the same network is ‘non-existent’ or extremely difficult, with users still needing to use Web2 tech to socialise, which is like using mail carriers to send emails (FedEx) in this digital age.

Often, there isn’t an informal way to trade Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs), with exchanges becoming relatively centralised without any social feel.

Quilt is looking to create an interconnected Web3—a web3 where users can freely socialise with themselves regardless of the chain. 

“Our goal is to increase the adoption of Web3 by providing a secure and easy way to socialise and transact with friends (new or old) without worrying about the chain to use; creating a version of our protocol on Tezos has been exciting.

It aligns with our vision of creating a chain-agnostic social protocol.

However, to the Tezos community, we firmly believe that our product will increase the adoption of Ethereum-based and other chain users to the Tezos ecosystem.”

The Quilt Tezos Roadmap

Phase I:

  1. General Chat: The initial product to the Tezos Ecosystem is a general chat that’ll allow users to converse freely, similar to a public forum where people post their minds. It also enables users to post media such as pictures and GIFs.
  2. Global Chat: The first step into creating an interconnected Web3 is making a chatroom, i.e. (General chat) that’ll enable Ethereum-based networks, starting with the Polygon Network and Solana, to interact with Tezos community members.
  3. Private Messaging: The P2P messaging feature will enable Tezos community members to socialise amongst themselves securely.
  4. Barter & Auction: Quilt will add NFT trading to the general chat, starting with Tezos. Through the Auction/Barter feature, members chatting on the General chat can bid for NFT without needing to go through an NFT platform, creating an ecosystem on our platform. The winner of the Bid automatically gains the NFT. The seller has to show the NFT on the Global chat for bidders to see.
  5. Plug & Play: The first step in making the project open, is creating an Iframe, allowing other projects to use their established features. This could mean projects such as exchanges, wallets, games NFT platforms etc. can pull through the chat directly into their platforms.

“At this stage, we will research how to integrate Ethereum(Starting with Polygon) & Solana with the Tezos Community and vice-versa. It may require us to build an infrastructure to enable such compatibility, thus increasing the Tezos community”.

Phase II:

  1. P2P NFT TRADE: The over-the-counter trade will allow users in the Tezos community to trade their NFTs among themselves without needing to bid on the General Chat.
  2. Naming Feature: With the Naming Feature, users can save the wallet addresses of their friends however they want.
  3. Profile Picture: Users can save their NFTs as their profile pictures at this stage.
  4. Open Wallet Integration: Quilt will expand the wallet needed to log in from the temple wallet to another, starting one wallet at a time.
  5. Global P2P Trade: This feature will allow Quilt users from Polygon, Solana and other Ethereum chains to trade with members of the Tezos Community and vice versa while chatting with members on such chains.
  6. Video Streaming: This feature will enable users live stream their content (NFT creation etc) on the Quilt platform, which they can later sell either via the Auction feature or the Barter (P2P trade).

At the moment the project is in Beta, however people can stay tuned for updates on their Twitter social channel here.

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