OneOf Launched And Is Offering 1,000,000 Free NFTs

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This entire month, the soft-launch of the OneOf platform is taking place. OneOf is a Tezos-based music platform that utilizes NFTs to enable fans and collectors to obtain music and art created by their favorite artists.

One Million Free NFTs

This entire month, the soft-launch of the OneOf platform is taking place. OneOf is a Tezos-based music platform that utilizes NFTs to enable fans and collectors to obtain music and art created by their favorite artists.

The NFTs on OneOf can have extra functionality in some cases. They can give access to unreleased music, tickets to concerts and intimate performances, VIP meet and greets, special edition merchandise, and more. Check out this 2-minute clip where OneOf introduces itself perfectly: 

OneOf has been in the making for a couple of years and after closing a $63 million seed round, the platform was launched last week.

Quincy Jones, John Legend, Doja Cat, TLC, and the estate of Whitney Houston will be amongst 212 big-name NFT drops that are set up to drop on the platform in the coming 12 months.

The announcement of OneOf three months ago was one of the most covered Tezos stories in mainstream media at that time. Many of the music, entertainment and tech media covered it. We have seen articles in Rolling Stone, Variety,  Billboard,  Forbes and Engadget.  

The Platform

OneOf allows you to explore, collect and show off your collection. The platform is named after the most rare and exclusive NFT drops it has to offer: the OneOf.

The ultra rare, bid only tier which contains just 1 edition of an artist’s most exclusive NFT. This tier often includes once in a lifetime experiences with the artist, unreleased music, VIP concert tickets and more.

There are four other levels of NFT drops: 

Diamond: This extremely limited tier, often containing 25 or less editions, featuring exclusive content, rare interviews or performances, VIP concert tickets and more. Editions could be available for purchase or bidding, depending on the drop.

Platinum: This limited edition tier often contains less than 1,000 editions, priced affordably and purchasable via credit or debit cards, and often includes very limited assets and rare content. Select editions may include concert tickets, experiential opportunities and more.

Gold: An accessible tier that still features limited editions. Gold tier NFTs allow everyday music fans the opportunity to engage with and own a piece from their favorite artist’s collections. This tier could have anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of editions, available for under $100 and purchasable via credit or debit cards.

Green: The most accessible tier that allows everyday fans to receive an NFT for FREE by taking an action to improve the community, or through making a donation to a top charitable cause. This tier could have many editions, but makes the holder eligible to enter for a chance to win exclusive prizes, unforgettable experiences and more scarce NFTs.

 The first token drop is the iHeartRadio Music Festival Drop 1: Poker Tokens

For this drop a total of 1,000,000 tokens can be claimed. Owing tokens allow you to win an all-expenses-paid, flyaway experience for two to attend the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 17-18.

OneOf is the NFT Collectible Partner for the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival and for this occasion OneOf has teamed up with famed artist, Cory Van Lew, to create the first official iHeartRadio Music Festival collection of digital tokens.

If you register on the OneOf platform, you will be able to collect one FREE token every day from August 31 until 12pm ET on September 14.

Collect an eligible set of tokens to receive TEN BONUS ENTRIES plus unlock an original, festival-themed, digital artwork NFT designed by Van Lew. 

On September 14, Drop 2 will go live and will give fans access to buy additional digital and physical artworks designed by this exciting creative voice. All proceeds benefit Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Alliance.

A genesis collection from Doja Cat will also appear on the platform soon.

About iHeartRadio Music Festival

The annual iHeartRadio Music Festival is a two-day music event in Las Vegas that features today’s biggest names across multiple genres and formats.

Hosted at T-Mobile Arena on September 17-18, the festival features two nights of non-stop, chart-topping hits, musical world premieres, and never-before-seen collaborations from the world’s hottest, most iconic and emerging artists.

Since the festival’s inception in 2011, the show has grown to become the biggest, multi-genre music event on one stage.

Further Events During The Soft Launch

– Multiple collections from major and emerging artists will drop over the entire month of September, showcasing new gamification and digital/real-world interconnection. 

– OneOf “Marketplace” will open and users may list OneOf NFTs for resale.

– At the end of the “soft launch” period, “export” will be enabled for transferring NFTs to a self-custody wallet.

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