10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Official Implementation Of Lezar In Barcelona, The Operating Arm Of PyratzLabs In ArtTech Using Web 3 Technologies To Bridge The Virtual And Real Worlds

PyratzLabs, the French start-up studio specializing in the acceleration of Web3 projects, implements its operating arm in Art Tech: Lezar House.
This physical art gallery acts as a creative studio and incubator for resident artists and uses NFT productions as a means of financing innovative art, design, and architecture projects through its own marketplace.

Pyratz Labs

PyratzLabs, the French start-up studio specializing in the acceleration of Web3 projects, implements its operating arm in Art Tech: Lezar House.

This physical art gallery acts as a creative studio and incubator for resident artists and uses NFT productions as a means of financing  innovative art, design and architecture projects through its own marketplace.

The NFT platform can be found here.

A brand new digital-to-physical (D2P) model is born. This model allows artists to finance their ambitious projects’ physical finalities through the distribution of digital productions as NFTs holding both the intellectual property (IP) of the art while also granting its owners the ability to claim a physical production of the art.

The opening event of its first gallery, located in the center of Barcelona, welcomed renowned invites such as Zack Brown (McLaren Racing CEO) & Owen Simon (Hasheur – French Leading Influencer) to unveil the two first collections:

  • “Portraits”, in collaboration with the famous painter Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, offering a digital experience of post-impressionism to finance the creation of the Cassigneul digital museum. Jean-Pierre Cassigneul is one of the most famous and collected living French painters in the world. For over fifty years, his work has combined singularity with feminine elegance.
  • “Be Twin Lines”, by the collective BHIND. This project was born after more than 2 years of collaborative R&D and can be seen as the most explicit illustration of Lezar’s D2P model.


Hand in hand with PyratzLabs, Lezar embraces Web3 technologies with the objective of generating meaningful utilities and bringing new innovations in the European Art & Tech scene.

Beyond in-house projects led by its collective BHIND, the ArtTech studio offers its tech resources and creative model to talented creators (artists & companies) that share the same digital-to-physical ambition, through a residence and acceleration program.

The Lezar philosophy is that collaboration, sharing and helping are key to empower creators leading the artistic revolution of today and tomorrow. Lezar enables, accelerates and supports creativity and creators, by:

  • Accompanying them through the creation lifecycle, providing them with technological solutions and resources necessary for their creative process, resulting from numerous years of R&D
  • Financing their project through the distribution of their digital production to a community of Creative Angels, as NFT collections giving ownership of the IP and appropriate licenses over the artwork
  • Modeling the distribution strategy and designing meaningful experiences and utilities, both digital and in the real world
  • Providing blockchain solutions and web3 services through Lezar’s NFT marketplace to distribute: low fees minting, full set of smart contracts,…

Developed on the Tezos blockchain, the curative platform was entirely designed to satisfy the needs of tech-oriented and innovation-driven Web3 creators, but also for collectors, investors and project lovers seeking real sense, utilities and experiences.

The marketplace proposes an optimal and simplified user experience: wallet creation with email, payments in fiat…

The aim is to facilitate NFT adoption for newcomers and reduce the entry barriers, as a bridge between Web3, digital art and the traditional art ecosystems.

Completing its D2P ambition, Lezar House has opened a physical space for its community. Located in the center of Barcelona, the gallery will host physical and digital art exhibitions.

Furthermore, the space will also act as a creative lab for incubated artists and collaborative workshops, and as a lounge for members, visitors and Web3 events gathering a wide range of local and global ecosystem actors.

LEZAR Launches “Be Twin Lines”, Its First NFT Collection

>> “Be twin Lines”, by the collective BHIND : from digital to physical through 3D printing

1) From reality to digitisation. In a genuine technical achievement born following 2 years of collaborative R&D and creative technology, Be Twin Lines presents a moving sculpture generated from the codification of the perfect dance: each frame of the dance results in a unique pair of 3D sculptures that can be acquired as an NFT to be used in the metaverse and/or printed in 3D.

BHIND has gathered actors from a myriad of artistic and technological domains to make this possible. 

Running the creative studio of Lezar, BHIND is a collective of friends, artists, tech and forward-thinking creators, driven by a vision of art and creation. 


2) From digital to physical. Indeed, the project’s biggest prowess lies in its ability to physically materialize the video frames through 3D printing.

The main utility for the NFT holders is the right to claim, at production cost only, a 3D print of the digital sculptures they own, in the custom Specimens of their choice.

10 Specimens, for 10 different material possibilities, 10 technological breakthroughs resulting in real pieces of art, to receive at home.

Concrete, acrylic, and ceramic are the first three unveiled Specimens of the ten materials to be released as per the project’s roadmap.

The physical sculptures are manufactured by Lezar’s 3D printers network by using the NFTs’ 3D model data as the input for printing.

Furthermore, as the NFTs also embed the associated IP, holders will have the image and reproduction rights to exploit it as they want, as long as they own the NFT.

Professionals and retailers who wish to commercialize and/or adapt a part of the artwork may do so in a license model.   

Be Twin Lines is actually a first-of-a-kind generative experience proposed to individuals, the allegory of an evolution – a revolution – in Creativeness.

The illustration of Lezar’s model that honors creation not as a work result but rather as a collaborative journey, where creative innovation is unlocked to propose utility for people.

Through prior investments made on the first Specimens’ development, then by scaling up art-oriented 3D printing orders to the industry actors, and finally by reinvesting in the 3D printing industry a significant part of the NFT sales, BHIND wants to democratize as many technological possibilities as possible for artists, and pursue its mission to make the finest Art much more accessible for average people.

Awaiting the official Ambassadors’ Drop of the collection in September 2022, you can apply to the whitelist by filling this form.

Following The Project:

➔  Linkedin Lezar: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lezarhouse/

➔  Twitter Lezar : https://twitter.com/LezarHouse

➔  Twitter Bhind & Be Twin Lines : https://twitter.com/BHIND_BTL

➔  Instagram Lezar : https://www.instagram.com/lezar.studio/

➔  Instagram Be Twin Lines: https://www.instagram.com/betwinlines/

➔  Lezar website :   https://lezarhouse.com

➔  Our NFT platform :   https://artos.pyratzlabs.com/

➔  Be Twin Lines Ambassadors Drop whitelist application form : https://airtable.com/shrFIbRKlYzDnBtII

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