NBA Basketball Team Cleveland Cavaliers Launch A Clean NFT Fan Experience On Sweet Using The Tezos Blockchain

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NBA basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers have launched a clean NFT fan experience on Sweet using the Tezos blockchain.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers has launched a clean NFT fan experience on Tezos-based NFT platform Sweet.

“Secure and customize your own exclusive digital Cavs locker! Collect unique digital items that commemorate your experience during each Cavs home game. Special fan rewards and hidden features will be revealed all season long.”

The free locker was unveiled to fans at a thrilling NBA game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Indiana Pacers on February 6th where the Cavaliers rallied from a 20-point deficit to beat the Pacers 98-85.

At the game, fans were invited to take up the chance to open up their free ‘My Cavs Locker’ clean NFT experience. In this experience, fans were able to open their lockers up to receive collectible NFTs from games as the season progresses.

Sweet stated:

“…the Cleveland Cavaliers came back in the 4th to beat the Pacers, Kevin Love put on a show, Jarrett Allen WAS the highlight reel and the Cavs Locker opened up in the 3rd to reveal the “Let Em Know” digital collectible. And the fans went wild!

#NFT programs like M̳y̳ ̳C̳a̳v̳s̳ ̳L̳o̳c̳k̳e̳r̳ really have the power to engage fans in remarkable ways- In this case, fans come home from a game with this piece of digital memorabilia in their pocket… collectibles tied to visceral experiences like Kevin Love’s around the back pass to Cedi Osman for a 3-pointer that lit the place up!”

Multiple sport teams have launched NFT fan experiences on the Tezos blockchain in the past year.

Current NFT experiences are from the 2022 world champion F1 racing team Red Bull F1 Racing, McLaren Racing, world-class baseball team the New York Mets,  E-sports Organization ‘Team Vitality’,  sports streaming service FloSports and World famous English football team Manchester United.

Most teams mention they chose Tezos for it’s fast and cheap transactions, decentralization and user friendly options that allow for easy onboarding.

Another strongpoint is the low energy consumption of the Tezos blockchain without compromising its decentralization. Tezos’ low energy consumption allows users to mint an NFT while spending the same amount of energy as it cost to send a Tweet.

The Tezos Twitter account also tweeted to mark the event:  

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