Introducing VORTEx: Next-Gen AMM Built On Tezos

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Vortex is a Next-Gen DEX built on Tezos by the Smartlink team. A vortex holds a massive gravitational pull to siphon anything in its way. The stage is set and the Smartlink team aims high.


Vortex is a Next-Gen DEX built on Tezos by the Smartlink team. A vortex holds a massive gravitational pull to siphon anything in its way. The stage is set and the Smartlink team aims high. 

As we launch ‘Vortex’ our goal is to siphon users from other blockchain networks with limitations and security issues to Blockchain 3.0 that provides real scalability without compromising safety or user experience.

Vortex is providing a neat and complete interface that will be integrated with the other modules of our ecosystem covered in more detail down below.

It will support all types of Tezos tokens including FA1.2 and FA2. Anyone may list a token by creating a new liquidity pool and add liquidity to an existing pair. VORTEX has a whitelisting procedure under which new tokens can be verified. 


Vortex 1.0 will first have tokens paired to XTZ. The Smartlink team plans to introduce our Token-to-Token listing feature in the forthcoming release of Vortex.

You will be able to list and create liquidity pools against different tokens, such as SMAK to USDtz, and other tokens.

SEND Feature

The send feature allows you to swap and send in one transaction. If you want to send uUSD, but you currently don’t have uUSD, traditionally, you will start with swapping XTZ for uUSD and then send it to the recipient’s address, requiring two separate transactions at your end.

The Vortex Send feature combines these two features into a single transaction. You can select the token you have as input token (Token A), the token you want to send as output (Token B), and add the recipient’s address in the address field. Vortex will swap the tokens and send them to the address, thereby cutting your efforts in half.

Liquidity at launch and techniques to improve liquidity

The Smartlink team will add a total of $400K USD to different pools to celebrate the launch of Vortex:


– USDtz/XTZ: 50K USD

– Kolibri/XTZ: 50K USD

– ETHtz/XTZ: 50K USD


We are also in the process of discussing liquidity injection with different projects of the ecosystem and will keep the community updated as we move forward.

Additionally, there are several ways Vortex liquidity is incentivised: 

– Vortex NFT Giveaway LP Contest

As an extra incentive to add liquidity, the Smartlink team announces The Vortex NFT Giveaway contest for early adopters. All you have to do is add liquidity to the Smartlink DEX to enter a chance to win our limited edition NFT.

– Farms

Smartlink will introduce yield farming for its community with Vortex. You’ll be able to deposit your LP tokens across different farms and redeem your rewards at any point.

Vortex will feature yield farms for various FA1.2 and FA2 tokens. Smartlink is planning to launch yield farming in early Q4.

– Escrow and Liquidity Pool Mechanisms

Smartlink plans to utilize the assets locked in escrow smart contracts to provide liquidity across different pools. This will be optional and owners of the funds will be able to make that choice in the escrow platform. The owners of the funds will bear the risks and advantages of providing liquidity.

We’ll settle rewards instantly across various liquidity pools, including SMAK and other pairs. If you’re using Smartlink’s escrow module, this will provide a hedge against market volatility, especially when not using stablecoins.

This feature will be available after we publish our upcoming research paper.

– LP Migration Interface — From one DEX to another

We set our goals to become one of the most happening, user-friendly, and stylish exchanges within the Tezos ecosystem, so it is mandatory at our end to provide liquidity migration tools.

Smartlink will provide a liquidity migration tool that will allow users to migrate liquidity from other Tezos Dexes to Vortex from a single page.

We’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you in the process. LP migration will make its first appearance soon after our launch.


The Smartlink team working towards building an API for token listing across various leading tracking platforms, including Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko. All the Tezos tokens listed on VORTEX will be able to add live price tracking to CoinMarketCap, Coingecko among other platforms. The API is expected to be ready shortly after launch.

Vortex: Fee structure

Our revenue model for Vortex is in line with our long-term growth strategy.

We have lowered the standard fee for any transaction on Vortex to 0.28%. Smartlink will distribute the revenue generated through exchange fees across different avenues.

Governance Model

Starting out, Smartlink will create a temporary Smartlink Council comprising $SMAK token holders with proven credibility in the blockchain space, including VCs, founders of prominent projects, leading authority figures within the Tezos community, and Smartlink Team members.

The first version of our Governance system is on the way and will be undertaken by a dedicated team we have recently onboarded.

We will also provide the community with tools to submit their ideas and suggestions:

– We are currently setting up an exclusive Smartlink Forum for the community

– We are working on the voting interface to start off with our Council as soon as possible

– There will be around 10 to 15 seats on Smartlink Council

Smartlink will initiate the process of creating Smartlink Council in Q4 of 2021. Smartlink will incorporate a community voting mechanism within its governance model. All the holders of $SMAK tokens will be able to vote on various governance decisions.

Smartlink Council will function as the primary governance authority of Vortex until the implementation of the community voting mechanism.


Swap smart contract has been:

– Audited by: Trail of Bits

– Property-tested by CamlCase 

– Formally verified by Nomadic Labs

A final security audit of our code for swapping and liquidity pool smart contracts is on the way to prevent any security lapses.


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