10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Golden Goals Aims To Reinvent Football Merchandising And Fan Experiences Through Tezos-Based NFTs – Interview

In this written interview, Emilien Leclercq from Golden Goals goes into more detail about the project, discussing ambitions, new clubs and covering the SUZ token’s tokenomics and how it will be used within the platform. He also discusses how Golden Goals will also become a game in the future.


As described in our previous XTZ News article found hereGolden Goals is a brand new sports NFT platform built on Tezos, which allows for fan NFT experiences when interacting with their favourite football teams.

In this interview, we caught up with Emilien Leclercq, Co-founder and CEO of Golden Goals to learn more about the project and its ambitions.

The Interview

What is the team/ backers/partners behind Golden Goals?

There are no backers / partners behind Gold Goals only part time employees from euraNov.

The team involved in this project is composed by:

  • 1 CEO: responsible for the strategic orientation and business development
  • 1 COO: responsible for the product, innovation, and process (internal & external)
  • 1 CTO: responsible for the blockchain technology and strategic technical orientation
  • 1 back-end developer: responsible for the platform development
  • 1 team leader: responsible for guiding the technical team
  • 1 front-end developer: responsible for the integration of mock-ups
  • 1 UX / UI : responsible for the mock-ups and user journey

Could you give a bit of background on the company behind it – euraNov?

👥 euraNov supports and advises its customers in their digital transformation and improving their customer experience by implementing Salesforce technologies, developing mobile applications and personalized business solutions …

🏅 EuraNov, experts certified in Salesforce, Dropbox, HelloSign, Blockhain, UX Design, PO, advise, implement and train their clients in the use of new solutions
📲 As an application publisher, our teams develop mobile applications and personalized digital solutions according to your needs.

📍 Based in Lille and Paris, we have successfully led digital transformation projects for more than 6 years thanks to the expertise of 25 consultants: more than 300 projects carried out, more than 100 clients, particularly in the management of hospitalities, events and professional sport (especially Football clubs)

Do you have any collaborations with any other Tezos DeFi/NFT teams etc? If so, do you have any plans to interact?

We use solutions and exchange with Tezos’ network as soon as we need it:

We are partnering with Ramp (https://ramp.network/) so that our users can easily buy crypto with their credit card. Their solution has already been integrated to our platform. We use TZKT API and we use Smart PY and Better Call Dev for our smart contract.

What inspired you to create Golden Goals?

The idea for Golden Goals comes from the combination of two elements:

  • Our knowledge of the world of football and its current issues:

Need to find new sources of funding following the loss of TV rights and the non-presence of spectators due to covid 19.

  • And our passion for technology and especially blockchain / cryptocurrencies which are used by the team in a personal capacity.

It seemed obvious to us that we had to find a solution to generate new incomes for the football clubs we support by reinventing merchandising, while offering a new complete experience to supporters. 

We have been inspired in our model by existing blockchain experiences such as top shot, Sorare…

Why did you choose Tezos over other platforms?

Tezos is a blockchain part-created by a French team and is evolving fast. It is also much lower on transactions fees than a “classical” one like Ethereum (that fit with our wish to be mainstream and allow anybody to create, sell and buy NFT), and totally green with a proof of stake protocol.

What are the tokenomics of the SUZ token? i.e., max supply? 

Within the total supply of 10 000 000 SUZ that have been minted:

– 2 000 000 are to be distributed through the buying of NFTs on the marketplace (if you buy an NFT worth of 3XTZ, you receive 3SUZ in bonus)

– 4 000 000 are currently crowdsaled at the price of 3 SUZ = 1 XTZ, you can start buying them on the Golden Goals website, on the wallet page.

– 4 000 000 are for the team, future partners, airdrops, games…

The SuzToken is not useful for now but will be used in the gamification process of the platform. Golden Goals will not only be a marketplace, but it will also become a real game and have some tournaments.

Could you describe the utility of the SUZ token in the Golden Goals ecosystem? Is it primarily a governance token?

The SuzToken is not a governance token. It has been created by the company behind Golden Goals (EuraNov) and intended for all its present and future blockchain applications.

In the short term this will be used to buy premium, special NFTs, and the gamification logic of Golden Goals. Golden Goals will not only be a marketplace, but it will also become a real game and have some tournaments.

How long will the SUZ token be distributed by the purchase of NFTS?

 Until the 2 000 000 of SUZ that are distributed through this process are all distributed.

Will the project have a DAO? / Decentralized governance? 

No it’s not planned, we are focusing on the website and the user experience around NFTs.

Is the project similar to Chilliz (Socios)? If so are there any benefits to using Golden Goals?

We are for the moment very different from Socios. Our guideline is to be an art gallery of football and gather on a same place, clubs’ history, and fan engagement through NFT.

The platform is also accessible for those who are not connected to access the art gallery of everybody.

We do not contract with football club:

  • Each club is free to come or not on the platform
  • Each football club is responsible for the rewards he wants to give (or not) to the most generous users (those who donate the most Tezos from after a sales)
  • Each club is independent in his use / sales / prices / frequency of NFTs 

Furthermore, we do not need licensing contract with clubs, artists or football players like Sorare. Clubs and anyone who mint on Golden Goals is totally autonomous. That is to say all incomes from NFT sales and auctions revenues goes to the Club + royalties (choosen between 1 to 20% by the fan reseller in the engagement logic)  for any other resale

How did the FC Nantes partnership come about? How did the relationship form and where from? 

euraNov works with the FC Nantes on their digital transformation for 3 years. They naturally were the first to believe in our project and were very interested to take the plunge of NFT with us.

There is no specific partnership with them. They only decide to use the platform with a certified account as any other Football club can do

Will there be other things happening with the FC Nantes partnership?

They will keep using the platform for different NFT

Are you able to touch on any more football clubs/partnerships that are in the works? 

There are several new football clubs to come. We started discussion with around 10 football clubs in France from the first Ligue and 2de Ligue. A new announcement of a club using the platform will come by the end of the month.

How do you plan for the clubs to receive donations when a fan selects a team to have a donation? Is this only for clubs that have been partnered with?

Receipt of donations by clubs is only possible if the club is certified (ie we know for sure about the associated wallet). We have created wallets for all the other clubs in the platform to allow every fan to use it.

If clubs wish to take it back, they will get the money generated until now by the fans; otherwise, the profits generated will be donated to associations.

Do you forsee other ideas for these sports NFTs such as NFT season tickets? Which can allow admittance into the stadium and how individual NFTs have exclusive priviledges? And are 100% tied to the owner using decentralized IDs? i.e. Tezos profiles, Tez ID, Spruce Systems etc. 

We are actually on a thinking to launch this kind of project. We cannot tell further for the moment.

Could NFTs solve the problem of ticket touting?

It definitely could. This is almost the perfect use case.

Will you be looking to onboard players into NFTs in the future? I.e., star players for their teams.

Yes, it is the objective. We will differentiate the certified account by “club” “brands” and “artist” which includes players.

In the FC Nantes partnership, it is mentioned that NFTs and physical items can be tied together. How would a user trade in an NFT for a physical item?

 If a user buys an NFT tied to a physical item, like with the FC Nantes, he must have filled in his information (email address) on his profile to let the seller contact him. We remind this on each NFT of the platform.

Do you plan to expand your team in the future?

Yes, we plan to have dedicated resources to Golden Goals and to accelerate on development as soon as the use is good enough. We have a huge product roadmap.

 Is it just football you will be covering, or will you in the future look into other sports too?

Golden Goals will only and to ever dedicated to football. We can however duplicate the model to other sports and sectors.

 What’s the best way for people to connect and interact with Golden Goals?

The best way is to install a Tezos wallet (Temple for example, which is like the Metamask of Tezos) and browse and website! Easy!

Any final thoughts?

Football is Art. Probably the most important part of art of the world. Golden Goals, based on tezos blockchain give us the chance to live our passion and art throught amazing content.

 We would love to grow the Golden Goals community as well as the Tezos community.

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