Gitcoin Integrates Tezos: 8 Hackathons In The Next 2 Years And The First One Is This Month

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Gitcoin is the leading community of open-source builders helping Web3 projects launch and grow. To date, Gitcoin has over 300k monthly active developers contributing to nearly 2,000 projects. The first Tezos hackathon will start July 21st.

Tezos And Gitcoin

We have seen continuing exponential growth in the adoption rate of the Tezos blockchain. Tezos NFT platforms have the biggest transaction volume in the industry and the largest amount of active users.

DeFi on Tezos shows huge growth and millions of dollars in value are circulating in over a hundred yield farms. More tools and resources emerge every week improving the both user- and developer experience.

Although the ecosystem shows a lot of progress, there is always room for even more improvement. With over 2,500 new deployments per day on mainnet and testnets, we see a lot of developer activity on Tezos. Launching hackathons is a great way to create even more incentive for current- and new developers to continue building on Tezos. 

Hackathons are events where developers can win prizes for projects that they build on Tezos.  There have been several hackathons on Tezos in the past 3 years. And today, Gitcoin announced that they will integrate Tezos into their platform. Gitcoin is the leading community of open-source builders helping Web3 projects launch and grow.

To date, Gitcoin has over 300k monthly active developers contributing to nearly 2,000 projects. Gitcoin is on a mission to build an internet that is open source, collaborative, and economically empowering and has funded nearly $25m to open source projects.

The Gitcoin community is focused on creating community and infrastructure for Web3 through tools, technologies, and networks that enable people to work for the open internet.

The Gitcoin integration will kickstart bounties on the platform for development projects including infrastructure, tooling, and applications that support the Tezos ecosystem.

Gitcoin announces Tezos hackathon series, the first hackathon will be on July 21st and focused on NFTs and DAOs. The “NFT Me, You Can DAO It” hackathon will be the first of eight Tezos hackathons over the next two years on Gitcoin with a range of prizes for winners.

The hackathon will be a month-long virtual event encouraging talented creators and open-source builders to help expand the NFT and DAO ecosystems on Tezos. 

Hackathon Details

The hackathon is designed to encourage participants to expand on current primitives in the Tezos ecosystem for NFTs and DAOs. Participants can build new NFT experiences and platforms, innovate on existing use cases, or develop highly requested features from the Tezos creative community.

For DAOs, participants can explore frameworks for DAOs to enable specific use cases, such as Curation DAOs, battleproof Minimal Viable DAOs ready to be forked and built upon over and over again, tooling for DAO treasury management, or tooling for off-chain token-based voting.

Hackathon submissions will be judged on their impact to the Tezos ecosystem, novelty and innovation, technical capabilities, and UX and design. All projects must be filed under the MIT open source license, and working prototypes should list the addresses of their token contracts and be built on the Florence testnet. 

Developers new to the Tezos ecosystem can explore tools and resources for building on Tezos through platforms such as Tacode, a peer-to-peer Tezos education platform, and the open-source wiki on all topics Tezos, OpenTezos.

Developers interested in collaborating with the Tezos developer community can join the Tezos Developers telegram channel. Developers can find additional resources to get started building on Tezos dev portal and stack exchange.

Prize pool details: First Prize (1 team) – $15,000 in tez (XTZ); Second Prize (3 teams) – $10,000 in tez (XTZ); Third Prize (6 teams) – $5,000 in tez (XTZ). Winning team members will be added to the priority list for future bounties and will be invited to apply for a grant through the Tezos Foundation.

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