Gemini And Okcoin (the US subsidiary of OkEX) Will List Tezos In the United states

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 Gemini and Okcoin (the subsidiary of OKEX) will list Tezos in the United States. The Gemini listing will mark the first time Tez will be available to residents in New York state.


Gemini are a next generation cryptocurrency exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store crypto and are based in New York. Gemini will list Tezos in the United States. 

It has long been questioned why XTZ was not available on Gemini seeing as the owners (The Winklevoss Twins) have been staunch supporters of Tezos from the beginning.

Despite the long time to listing, the founders of Gemini, Cameron and Tyler, have always remained big fans of the project:

There was also a mention of Tezos at the SXSW event back in 2019:

Now, the wait is over and Tezos will be listed in the platform in both the exchange and the custody sections.

The Gemini listing will also mark the first time tez will be available to residents in New York state. Gemini is the first regulated platform in New York to offer trading and custody support for XTZ.

It is likely that Gemini being based in New York could have impacted timescales on a listing, as rules and regulations about cryptocurrencies are tighter.

Crucially, this listing on Gemini for both trading and custody means large institutions in New York can now hold XTZ as an asset.

It was stated:

With support for XTZ, we are delighted to provide Gemini users with access to one of the most vibrant crypto ecosystems. With a dynamic community, smart contract functionality, and a robust on-chain governance mechanism that enables on-chain upgrades, Tezos prioritizes innovation to further enable sustainability and scalability as crypto adoption growth continues across the globe.


It has also been announced today that Okcoin will list Tezos. Okcoin is the US subsidiary of OkEX, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume. Okcoin describe themselves as:

…one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. We help millions of people buy and sell bitcoin, and over 20 other crypto assets every day

Tezos Reaches 10 Million Contract Calls

The Tezos ecosystem is growing at rapid rate. The amount of monthly contract calls has been growing at an exponential rate for over a year now.

A contract call is an interaction on the blockchain between a user and a smart contract. Smart contracts are the basis of (decentralized) applications that are built on blockchain.

Every month more contract calls have been made, which shows growth in usage and adoption of the Tezos blockchain and the applications that are live on mainnet.

The growth has been exponential and milestones have been broken regularly. Now a total of 10 million contract calls have been registered on mainnet.

Most telling about this milestone: in the first 3 years, 5 million of those were made, while the other 5 million have been made in the past 2 months.

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