Doja Cat Tokens Launch On Tezos-Based Platform OneOf, While Coinbase Will Allow The Purchase Of Doja NFTs

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Today, Doja Cat NFT tokens will be launched on the Tezos-based platform OneOf and alongside that Coinbase will also allow customers to purchase Doja NFTs with cryptocurrencies.

Doja Cat NFT Tokens Launch On Tezos-Based Platform OneOf

Today, Doja Cat NFT tokens will be launched on the Tezos-based platform OneOf and alongside that Coinbase will also allow customers to purchase Doja NFTs with cryptocurrencies.

It was announced that 26,000 Doja Cat tokens and VIP experiences will be launched on OneOf as of today.

On the announcement, Doja Cat commented:

“I don’t know that much about NFT’s. But what I do know is that they can be bad for the environment and cost a fortune. Mine won’t. Get over to and check out my first NFT collection now,”

The NFTs were described as: “affordably priced and purchasable with credit and debit cards in 150 FIAT currencies, as well as using Tez (XTZ) and other major cryptocurrencies.

Drop 1 of Doja Cat’s Genesis Collection, Planet Doja, will go live today (Wednesday September 8th), with further drops happening over the next two days and the NFTs start at an affordable $5.

The cheapest tokens being released are the gold tier Flower tokens and platinum tier Elemental tokens which start at $5 and all gold tier NFTs come with a chance for a ‘Golden Ticket’ which can be used at an upcoming Doja Cat concert. These tokens will be distributed in ‘Drop 1’.

More expensive tokens come with more privileges, and in drops 2 and 3 ‘Diamond’ tier tokens and ‘OneOf’ tier tokens can be purchased. The ‘OneOf’ tokens are 1/1 one of a kind special tokens which also represent the platforms highest tier available.

The diamond tier elemental tokens come with a guaranteed ‘VIP Golden Ticket’, meaning the holder will be guaranteed a VIP experience at the concert.

The OneOf tier token will come with a: “VIP all-expenses-paid authentic “Doja Cat” experience for two (2) people to one concert on Doja Cat’s upcoming tour including airfare, hotel and visits to her favorite spots and dining at one of her favorite restaurants.”

CEO and Co-Founder of OneOf Lin Dai added:

“NFTs largely have been affordable only to high-end collectors, until now. We are thrilled to launch Doja Cat’s collection today, designed for fans of any economic or technical background.

OneOf is built with a vision to be the most inclusive NFT platform. We help artists to use this exciting new technology to connect and share digital and IRL experiences with their true fans, and allow fans the choice to purchase an NFT with either FIAT or cryptocurrencies.”

Coinbase To Allow Customers To Purchase Doja NFTs With Cryptocurrencies

It was also announced in an unprecedented move that Coinbase would be allowing customers to purchase Doja NFTs on the platform in addition to the cryptocurrencies they offer.

Surojit Chatterjee, chief product officer at Coinbase commented that Coinbase were looking to:

“bring the innovation of NFTs to the masses. We believe that NFT’s are the future of music and share the vision of OneOf that NFT’s can reshape the fan experience with user-friendly, affordable digital collectibles.”

This inclusion of Tezos-based NFTs to be available in Coinbase represents a huge step for the Tezos ecosystem, which already has one of the most vibrant NFT eco-systems in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space.

It also represents a significant step for Coinbase and their exploration of NFTs. In April 2021, it was announced that Coinbase were eyeing NFTs are a new revenue stream.

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