Bitcoin Origins Expands To Tezos: Tezos Origins

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From Black Math and NFT Genius – a Mark Cuban-backed company – comes Tezos Origins on Kalamint, an exquisitely-illustrated timeline series immortalizing the still-unfolding history of the storied cryptocurrency.

Tezos Origins

The creators of Bitcoin Origins (NFT Genius – a Mark Cuban-backed company and Black Math) are collaborating (again) to bring an epic crypto origin story to the patrons of its network. On November 3rd, 2021, the Genesis drop for Tezos Origins will take place on

Destined to become one of the cornerstones of Tezos-based NFTs, this project will evolve over time; incorporate community engagement, and unfold via a series of epic reveals and mythic puzzles.

Bitcoin origins was the first ‘Origins’ NFT collectible game and a treasure hunt. The final treasure is 1 BTC. The game immortalizes Bitcoins’ most significant moments: The whitepaper creation, Genesis block, the first transaction, the first commercial transaction, etc.

The game contains some really cool art and an intricate and intriguing method of card distribution. You can buy “blocks”, which are packs of cards.

These cards are hidden and you can only see which ones are inside after you bought the block. You could also decide to leave the block unopened and open at a later time. There are also a variety of different rarity levels to the cards.

Now, early followers of Tezos Origins will have the opportunity to secure cards of varying rarities, that depict this still-unfolding legend – from the fateful meeting of its founders through the age of updates and beyond.

They will also be able to weigh in on which moments will be highlighted, and engage in a quest for exclusive treasures.

With planned airdrops; pack opening coming in the first quarter of 2022; and a rich story to tell, this promises to be a rewarding NFT experience for all those involved.

Launching on Kalamint on November 3rd, Chapter Zero will showcase the inception of Tezos and its founders’ early days.

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