10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Big Foot Mafia Club – An Interactive Evolving Storyline NFT Project On Tezos

Big Foot Mafia Club is an NFT project which revolves around a camping universe where all the owners are interacting and looking for the Big Foot.
This hunt involves an NFT-powered interactive evolving storyline, PFPs, maps, and accessories.

In this written interview with the projects founders, we explore more about the project and what is to come.


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Big Foot Mafia Club

Could you explain Big Foot Mafia Club in simple terms? Is it a game, NFT PFP project? A big Foot Universe? Or More?

Of course! First of all, our team would like to say that we are very honored with the opportunity of presenting our project to the #Tezos community.

The idea of doing a PFP project came from our main inspiration, Ottez, which is by far one of the best Tezos PFP projects we’ve seen! But our artist’s passion for the Big Foot legend has a long history.

In order to create our story chapters, we had to do a lot of research on the legend and I believe that now the entire team is completely in love with Big Foot.

Our goal is to create a camping universe where all the owners are basically interacting and looking for the Big Foot (and this hunt, in a way, involves maps, accessories that are attractive from the Big Foot standpoint, etc).

Also, once we launch and the community is there, we already have lined up some very cool partnerships with selected venues for events and cool member clubs aligned with the crypto works to partner up.

All BFMC holders would benefit from these partnerships with amazing perks.

Where did the idea to setup the Big Foot Mafia Club come from?

The idea of creating the club is basically because we believe that the NFT world is composed of communities with common interests. Someone told us that we should have gone to Ethereum, because this is where the money is.

Well, in terms of volume, we have to agree. But BFMC is not about money first, BFMC is about community first. And the idea of acting as a “Mafia” comes from the loyalty but also the thriller behind the hunt for the Big Foot.

But the idea itself, well I have to say (lol) that it started in a bar between one beer and the other and Big Foot stories!

Who is on the team? Some background info? How you came together?

We are a team composed of people with experience in crypto and NFT, a very experienced artist (in digital arts), a business developer, and an investment manager with lots of fundraising experience.

This means we believe that, at the end of the day, each one of us, with our related skills, can work well as a team and make it happen.

I also would like to mention that we have one of the best #Tezos developers, @codecrafting. We call ourselves the MAFIA team: 

M: Our artist, the talent behind our high-quality arts, a Bigfoot lover for years, and a digital artist for more than a decade!

AF: Our co-founder, passionate for crypto and NFTs with 11 years of corporate background with a focus on performance, is someone who wants to spread adoption across alternative blockchains – NFTs for all!

I: Our business developer, guiding the artist on his creations to make sure the arts are attending our demanding campers expectations and roadmap!

A: Investment manager in real life for more than 12 years, our foot on the ground to bring financial advice to our team but especially to protect our future investors!

What’s the overriding story of the project (The Big Foot storyline element)?

Our story is released in chapters until our pre-sale! You can find all the details on The Legend | Big Foot Mafia Club. Every Sunday we release a new chapter, stay tuned!

From which media have you drawn your inspiration from?

I have to say that in terms of media inspiration, of course, for some of the features NFT successful projects were a source of inspiration for us, but mainly from the artist’s skills and imagination. He started everything from scratch, pen, and paper.

Has the project received any funding from the Tezos foundation or will you be self-funded etc? 

We are self-funded. We believe in the power of community first followed by pick-up and, as a consequence, returns.

How would you compare the project to other projects on Tezos and other chains that might be similar?

I think that considering our story, BFMC tends to be a unique project which could be comparable to some PFP projects in terms of components and elements, but I have to say that the main particular aspect of our project is the fact of having the roadmap guided by performance indicators.

Even due to the fact that we are a self-funded project, we want to achieve some key milestones and targets before biting more than we can chew. Start small and grow.

If it works, the sky is the limit and we have great ideas for the future. Promise nothing, deliver big, this is our mindset. Always surrounded by competent people who can make it work in the best possible way.

What is unique about Big Foot Mafia Club?

 The arts, first of all. We believe the arts we are creating are unique, high-quality arts. Then, the storytelling and the idea of linking the story to the project roadmap, with clear tangible objective once specific targets are achieved in terms of: 

  • # of active community members, our explorers
  • volume sold
  • floor price evolution

Are there any staking mechanisms to it? Or a token?

Not for now. As I said, promise nothing, deliver big. This will depend on the targets achieved.

Will you be enabling fusions of NFTs in the future, like Ottez has done? Or anything else innovative planned to bring extra value to holders?

This is an idea we have, in case we sell everything in the public sale, yes, we would like to do it. Not only fusions but especially airdrops to support the Big Foot hunt (maps, accessories, etc).

And the story should guide the campers on finding the Big Foot, some combinations should be more powerful and provide the campers some advantages on the hunt.

Is there a universe/metaverse element to it?

Not yet. But this is definitely something to be considered in case the KPIs evolve. Depending on the volume of sales (we have a target that cannot be shared at this point in time), we would like to reinvest on the project and provide a camp on the metaverse.

But I also would like to reinforce that once our project is mainly community-driven, we will also organize events (in Europe, as a starting point) to make our community feel part of something meaningful, which is this community of campers and explorers. 

 Storytelling sounds like a big feature, how will you make that story compelling to the audience?  

I remember that when I was a kid there was a television show where the audience was the one deciding about the next steps of the story.

We have the idea of doing the same, but instead of having us defining every chapter of this story, having our community decide the next steps.

Will the audience be able to interact with the storytelling?

Yes, completely. The community will always come first in our project. And they are going to get involved from the beginning, not only in defining the next chapters of the story, but also in the roadmap steps.

Who are the main characters of Big Foot Mafia Club? And some of their backgrounds?

The MAFIA is basically our project team. But the Club is composed of the Campers and Explorers. Explorers are known by early supporters and partnerships. And Campers are the Big Foot owners, which by concept, after buying a #BFMC art, join the camp for the hunt.

I don’t like the hunt term, to be honest, because it seems aggressive and violent. Our story is not about a violent Big Foot, but I will not give you any spoilers!

How many ‘campers’ will there be? What’s the benefit of being a camper? 

The idea is to have between 5-6k campers. The benefit of being a camper is that despite the fact you will be eligible for future airdrops, you will also join the Big Foot hunt.

Besides that, we have this idea of going beyond virtual walls and creating a real community that can interact, discuss the future of the project, share learnings, etc.

I’m not going to create false expectations, our hub will be Portugal, but in the future, depending on our achievements, we can expand our community of campers to other countries. 

In the first chapter, there appears to be a code highlighted within it? Are clues and secret codewords a big part of this project? 

I’m afraid we cannot answer this… lol

Is there lore?

100%, the legend around the Big Foot will be important to guide not only the project next steps as the Big Foot personality, the airdrops we are expecting to deliver (in case we achieve the targets) to support the owners on finding the Big Foot, etc. As we previously shared, there is a lot about the Big Foot legend sustaining this project.

What are the initial stages of the roadmap? What’s been done, and what still needs to be done?

The first steps are all focused on creating the community from scratch and the pre-sale.

Step by step, no promises. We are confident to say that we believe on the quality and authenticity of our arts and hopefully with a strong community supporting these achievements, we will be able to evolve on the Roadmap.

Is the whitelist still available?

Yes, we will have more 2 rounds of whitelist that will be communicated through Twitter.

We are not planning a very complex whitelist mechanism, we are going straight to the point: first to come, first to get in. Besides that, partner project owners are also included on our whitelist (e.g.: Ottez).

When are the mint dates?

Mid-end June. We are not communicating an exact date because we want some flexibility depending on the market performance.

What’s the minting tokenomics? Amount of NFTs etc.

Between 5k-6k, but only 10 super rares. Our team members are not planning to take a specific % of the arts, we are very open to say that we are completely focusing on our community satisfaction and we also would like to reinvest a % of the royalties on the community fund to fund some community events.

Any final thoughts? Questions we might have missed?

One more time, I would like to appreciate the opportunity to talk to the #Tezos community and reinforce that we are working to deliver a consistent project in line with the community’s aspirations.

What’s the best way for people to interact with the project?

Via Twitter and Discord. These are going to be our main channels.


Not Financial Advice: No content on this website constitutes investment, financial, legal, or tax advice. Users should not construe any such information as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security or to pursue any particular investment strategy.

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